Master’s & PhD Trainees

I am pleased to welcome you to JABSOM’s Master’s and PhD programs.

Mariana GerschensonWe are committed to creating positive learning environments. We embrace diverse viewpoints and strongly encourage those from under-represented backgrounds to reach out and connect to mentors dedicated to your mutual ambition for success. With parents who immigrated to the United States, I know firsthand how important good mentors are to your career. If you need assistance finding that mentor, you are welcome to contact me directly.

We are here alongside you. I want to emphasize that you are not alone this during these unusual times requiring more isolation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Graduate school can be challenging and stressful. If you need assistance or are struggling with feelings of isolation, resources are available at the UHM Counseling & Student Development Center.

During your academic career, you might encounter obstacles. Your first step is to contact your Graduate Program Chair. What if you don’t feel comfortable approaching your Graduate Program Chair? What if you perceive unjust treatment of another student or laboratory member? We are a community, and our community is made better by taking the risk to share your experience and concerns. Please contact me, so we can partner as advocates for positive change.

Graduate school is full of opportunity! Surveyed graduate students from our programs have reported receiving strong mentoring and strong satisfaction with their learning experience. We are excited to welcome you to join our programs and contribute meaningfully to their success and continual revitalization. Below are common practical resources to help you as you orient yourself to your program.

Mariana Gerschenson, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Research & Professor
Phone: (808) 692-1518

Resources for Grievances, Conflict Resolution, and Complaints

Any questions or concerns may be directed to Associate Dean for Research Mariana Gerschenson at or 808-692-1518.


JABSOM Ombudsman:

Anonymous complaints (via the University of Hawaii Whistleblower Hotline):

Hostile work environment etc.: JABSOM Human Resources Lead, Kathy Matsumoto at or 808-692-1176

Discrimination in education: Deputy Title IX Coordinator for JABSOM, Corinne Seymour at or 808-692-1160

If you have a professionalism concern or question, you may submit your concern or question anonymously on our survey.