Pre-Award Office

Research is critical to our accreditation as a medical school

Research is critical to our accreditation as a medical school, and we value our faculty and partners that dedicate their time to crafting proposals and designing competitive applications. The Pre-Award Office at the John A. Burns School of Medicine provides administrative assistance for faculty and staff at the pre-award stage in the grant proposal process, especially for departments without critical administrative support or expertise. The office works in close collaboration with the Dean’s Office, the Office of Central Fiscal and Human Resources, and the Office of Research Services (ORS). The ORS retains responsibility for policy interpretation and institutional signatory authorization on all outgoing proposals. The JABSOM Pre-Award Office is established to facilitate the grants preparation and submittal process. Assistance may include: myGRANT preparation, myGRANT review, budget development, assembly of proposal packages, and other requests as staff and resources permit. The Pre-Award Office further facilitates designing and administering effective procedures that help navigate the proposal submission process for its faculty and staff.


Click here to submit a Pre-Award Request Ticket.
Once a ticket is received, someone at the Pre-Award Office will contact you.

For inquiries, email
Please indicate whether you have submitted a Pre-Award Request Ticket and include the myGRANT doc #, if applicable. 

** NIH Data Management and Sharing Updates **

Effective October 1, 2024, NIH will implement Data Management and Sharing updates on RPPR. The DMS updates will include questions on the status of data sharing, repositories and unique identifiers for data that have been shared. See more information here.


Training Grant Applications: Changes to Program Plan Form, Mentor Training Expectations and Data Tables: Link to Notice, Link to Webinar

Project Grant Application Review: Simplified Review Framework, existing 5 review criteria reorganized into 3 factors: Link to Notice, Link to Webinar

NIH Fellowship Application and Review Process: Revisions: Link to Notice, Link to Webinar is pending. If you are interested in joining the September 19, 2024 webinar "Revisions to the Fellowship Application & Review Process", register here.

Use of new NIH Forms-I: Link to Notice; more information available in Fall 2024

Reference Letters: Updated Instructions for Referees will be available in Fall 2024

** OTHER 2025 UPDATES **

Biographical Sketch and Other Support: Use of Common Forms for NIH applications and RPPRs will be implemented by May 2025; more information will be available later in 2024 or early 2025

JABSOM’S PRE-AWARD SPECIALIST (All departments with the exception of ADAA)

Diana Nettleton
Pre-Award Specialist
Office of Research Services
University of Hawaiʻi
Mailing Address: 2440 Campus Road, Box 368, Honolulu, HI 96822-2234
Physical Address: 2425 Campus Road, Room 1, Honolulu, HI
Office Phone: 808-956-4057


Rachel A. Rivers, PhD
Associate Director for Research and Specialist, Dean’s Office
phone: 808-692-0986
Meredith Hermosura, PhD
Contracts & Grants Specialist
Pre-Award Office
phone: 808-692-1538
Jenna Gerber, BBA
Contracts & Grants Specialist
Pre-Award Office
phone: 808-692-1511
We are located in the Bioscience Building Suite 211 on the John A. Burns School of Medicine’s Kakaʻako Campus,
651 Ilalo Street, Honolulu, HI 96813.