Vision & Mission

Shared, Core Values

  • Collaboration: Shared accomplishments in the spirit of partnership
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Respect for the entire spectrum of human experience
  • Excellence: Guiding all of our efforts in research, education, and service
  • Innovation and Discovery: The generation, application, and transmission of new knowledge
  • Pono: Integrity, morality, and equity, taking action to eliminate health disparities in the spirit of social justice
The JABSOM Professionalism Philosophy:
As a member of the John A. Burns School of Medicine community, I uphold the highest standards of professional behavior. As such, I will treat myself and others with respect, aloha and compassion, execute my duties with skill and accountability, act altruistically, embrace social responsibility, conduct myself with integrity and humility, and pursue excellence in all that I do.

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Maikaʻi Loa: Attain Lasting Optimal Health for All (ALOHA).
The school aims to be the premier medical school in the Pacific, training and educating a diverse community of physicians, biomedical scientists and allied health workers who are committed to our vision of ALOHA: Attain Lasting Optimal Health for All.

Our MD program is unique in its use of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and community-based medicine. Students are trained in affiliated community hospitals and clinics, which gives them real-world experience from the start.

Our research has received international recognition for its pioneering work on human fertility, human heredity, comparative genetics, evolution theory, infectious disease, pharmacology and cross-cultural psychiatry, among many other fields. The school is also affiliated with the University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center.

Due to the state’s unique location in the middle of the Pacific and its history of immigration, the state is a melting pot of diverse ethnic groups. JABSOM’s primary research focus is on improving the health of several of our ethnic groups, many of whom are otherwise underrepresented in research and who face a disproportionate burden of chronic disease. The school is ideally qualified for this work due to its diverse population and its commitment to conducting research with those groups in a culturally humble and community-engaged manner.


JABSOM, as part of the fabric of Hawaiʻi, is a diverse learning community committed to excellence and leadership in:
  • Educating current and future healthcare professionals and leaders
  • Delivering high-quality healthcare
  • Conducting research and translating discoveries into practice
  • Establishing community partnerships and fostering multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Pursuing alliances unique to Hawaiʻi and the Asia-Pacific region
  • Acting with forethought regarding right relationships, respect, and moral action. Pono.