Strategic Plan


JABSOM actively engages in strategic planning processes that guide global and mission specific growth and development of the School. This strategic planning effort has incorporated strategic initiatives at the University of Hawaiʻi System, Mānoa Campus, school-wide, departmental, and program levels, and is informed by the strategic priorities of our major health system and State Department of Health partners. The planning effort in broad strokes, focusing on larger JABSOM School-wide initiatives is presented on this webpage.

JABSOM’s strategic plan is a “living document” that is applied at both the level of the school and at the level of individual departments, centers, and offices; tactics are continually refined to advance the overall mission of the school. A key benefit of this process is the flexibility it affords the school in adapting to the rapidly changing healthcare environment, as it maintains attentiveness to opportunities and challenges in the implementation of the strategic plan. 
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JABSOM, as part of the fabric of Hawaiʻi, is a diverse learning community committed to excellence and leadership in:

  • Educating current and future healthcare professionals and leaders
  • Delivering high-quality healthcare
  • Conducting research and translating discoveries into practice
  • Establishing community partnerships and fostering multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Pursuing alliances unique to Hawaiʻi and the Asia-Pacific region
  • Acting with forethought regarding right relationships, respect, and ethical action — Pono.

Strategic Planning

The JABSOM Executive Leadership Team synthesized the overall themes from the multiple strategic planning sessions and developed the strategic planning Summary shown below. This Summary has driven subsequent JABSOM strategic planning and evaluation activities, with the implementation of multiple tactics designed to fulfill the overall goals (short-term, medium-term, & long-term). A strategic planning consultant worked with many department chairs to help incorporate JABSOM strategic goals into their departmental strategic plans. This Summary has been used in multiple settings to emphasize the JABSOM mission and community service priorities, including during multiple subsequent mission-focused strategic planning sessions.

JABSOM Strategic Plan 2020-2025 (pdf)

JABSOM's Strategic Plan has been refreshed. For a look at it in its entirety, please click this link.
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