Media & Communications Team

Team JMAC works with all areas of our medical school to help JABSOM tell its story through the work of all of our programs and departments. We are a team of journalists, photographers, designers, videographers, editors and marketers. We combine our strengths and experience to bring fresh ideas to each project and share the good news of all aspects of the UH medical school. Contact the entire team at or fill out our JMAC Request Form.

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  • JABSOM Pulse Podcast
    • Hosted by the members of Team JMAC, The JABSOM Pulse is a podcast that gets to the heart of the UH medical school. Follow along as we uncover the vital stories that make up our school and its impact on the community we serve. Each episode, or "heartbeat," features people who know JABSOM best-- our own ʻohana! Through candid conversations and enlightening anecdotes, we'll dive into the heart of their experiences, research, and initiatives that make our school unique. Join us as we get to the heart of JABSOM!

      The most recent episode can be found below, or follow us on Spotify
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  • The JABSOM Lens
    • Since 2009, we have produced an annual summary of news, research, philanthropy and community outreach at the medical school. It has grown and transformed to become a widely and annually distributed magazine featuring exclusive content in addition to the top news stories of the past year. 


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    • Hawaiʻi Addictions Conference instagram icon facebook icon
    • Hawaiʻi H.O.M.E. Project Instagram
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    • Health Sciences Library Instagram facebook icon linkedin icon youtube icon 
    • ʻImi Hoʻōla Post-Baccalaureate Program instagram icon facebook icon
    • IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence Hawaii (INBRE HI) Instagram facebook icon youtube icon
    • JABSOM Medical Students for a Sustainable Future Instagram
    • Minority Health Research Training (MHRT) Program in Health Disparities and Maximizing Access to Research Careers at the UH Mānoa (MARC-UHM) instagram icon
    • Native Hawaiian Center of Excellence instagram icon facebook icon
    • Pathways for the Advancement of Pacific Islanders instagram icon
    • SimTiki Simulation Center facebook icon X icon
    • UH Family Medicine Residency Program instagram icon facebook icon
    • UH Internal Medicine Residency Program instagram icon youtube icon
    • UH Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency Program instagram icon
    • UH Orthopaedic Residency Program instagram icon X icon
    • UH Psychiatry Residency Program instagram icon facebook icon
    • UH General Surgery Residency Program instagram icon

Need the JABSOM media consent form for your upcoming event? Need powerpoint templates, graphics and logos to help you craft your communications pieces? Reinforce and clarify JABSOM's mission in your messaging. Resources are available for download.

  • What should the JMAC Request Form be used for?
    • We highly recommend using the JMAC Request Form as much as possible! The request form will be seen by everyone on the team immediately, ensuring a quicker response than reaching out to members individually (who may be otherwise preoccupied in a meeting or in the middle of a photoshoot, etc).
  • How soon can you fulfill a request?
    • Our most hectic season is usually from November to December (as we are knee-deep in producing our annual JABSOM Lens) as well as late February to August, with the transition of our graduating students/residents/fellows and the incoming students/residents/fellows. We try to expedite any time-sensitive material and adapt our schedule as possible but we ask for your patience and recommend planning ahead and notifying our team in advance.
  • For events and projects, how far in advance does your team have to be notified?
    • Please notify us as soon as you have finalized details (time/date/people involved/locations). 
  • What file formats do you accept for photos/graphics/flyers?
    • Please, no PDFs. We accept image files (.jpg or .png).
    • Preferred dimensions should be:
      - Social media, print flyers: 1080 x 1350 pixels (px)
      - Newsletter, event calendar: 900 x 600 px
    • For featured images on news articles, it is best to send us the most original, uncompressed version.
  • How many edits do you allow for videos?
    • Due to the time-intensive nature of video editing, we allow only up to three rounds of edits during the review process.
  • Love your work! Keep it up!
    • Thank you! We do our best. 😉


Meet JMAC!

Matthew Campbell, Director

Born and raised in Honolulu, Matthew graduated from Emerson College in Boston with a degree in Journalism. Previously, he worked as an anchor and investigative reporter in Springfield & Hartford. He is happy to be with family and is very grateful to be at JABSOM to tell amazing stories from our school.

"The light in me sees the light in you."

Deborah Manog Dimaya, Associate Director

Deborah is a multimedia journalist with degrees in both Journalism & Ilokano Language and Literature from UH Mānoa. She grew up in Kalihi and likes to chat about #momlife, puppies, BTS and olympic weightlifting.

"Everyone has a story; I love helping others share their voice."

Janell Agcaoili, Social & Emerging Media Strategist

Janell graduated with a B.A. in Communications from UH Mānoa. She lived in South Korea for two years teaching English. Janell is also the OG K-pop queen in JMAC (her favorite K-pop group is Monsta X). Her favorite way to unwind is by singing off-key karaoke. 

"Humans only have one ending. Ideas live forever."

Vina Cristobal, Chief Multimedia Content Producer
Vina graduated with a degree in Communications from Chaminade University. You can find her at church on Sundays, perusing weekly farmer's markets, meeting with friends at Ali'i Coffee (or any cute cafe), journaling, or making references to Instagram reels. Talk to her about BTS meme videos too - she's seen them all. 

"You are loved!"