Medical Students & Research

The John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) strongly encourages medical students to become involved in research.

doctor matsui working with students in lab

Both the basic science and clinical faculty believe student participation in investigative research enhances the critical reasoning skills that are important to the development of responsible physicians. Students who pursue research are more likely to seek a deeper understanding of the disease process and to develop a sophisticated understanding of the current literature. There are many ways to become involved in research at JABSOM. We have highlighted a few common approaches below:

I am pleased to encourage you to get involved with research during your medical training at JABSOM.

Our team in the Office of the Associate Dean for Research is committed to helping medical students develop meaningful and productive research experiences. We embrace all types of research and honor the unique types of research questions that can be answered from differing research lenses. I encourage you to learn about and participate in the numerous biomedical research programs available here at JABSOM. While rigorous medical research takes initiative, diligence, and investment, it is an opportunity to contribute to and advance our field. JABSOM students have a track record of scientific impact – with over 60% of students publishing original scientific work during their medical training. We welcome your participation in this shared effort.

Russell Woo, MD
Russell K. Woo, MD
Medical Student Research Director

Dr. Russell Woo is Professor in the Department of Surgery and Director for Medical Student Research in the Office of the Associate Dean for Research. His goal is to help medical students participate and contribute to research during their time in medical school, by providing opportunities to shape medicine by engaging in clinical and basic science research aimed at furthering our understanding human biology and disease, as well as our methods of diagnosing and treating these conditions.