JABSOM Faculty Senate

The JABSOM Faculty Senate (JFS)

The JABSOM Faculty Senate (JFS) serves as a representative body of the faculty and shall obtain broadly based faculty input regarding affairs of JABSOM. The Faculty Senate shall consider any matter brought before it by its members, the faculty, the Executive Committee, and the Dean. JFS employs fact finding and consensus building to generate ideas for actions or policies that will aid faculty. JFS shall make appropriate recommendations to administration, the union and other individuals or groups as indicated by the situation. The Faculty Senate meets monthly and is composed of the members of the Voting Faculty, elected from each department/division of the school.

To contact your faculty senate with ideas, concerns, questions, feedback at click here: JABSOM Faculty Senate. We will respond to all inquiries, however we may have to research topics first so responses won’t be immediate.

McCartin Richard

Richard McCartin, MD
JABSOM Faculty Senate President