Clinical Skills

medical students examining mannequin

The Clinical Skills Program runs through the first and second years of the curriculum.  Medical students spend one-half day each week seeing patients under the supervision of practicing physicians. Students have the opportunity to practice the skills of medical interviewing, physical diagnosis and diagnostic reasoning under the supervision of their faculty.  These patient care experiences are supplemented with large group clinical skills laboratories and a number of standardized patient learning experiences. Standardized patients are volunteers recruited from throughout the community who agree to be trained to portray patients with specific medical histories or health problems.  These volunteers provide medical students with the unique opportunity to practice and develop their medical interviewing and physical examination skills in a safe and supportive environment. Standardized patients are also used for testing purposes.  All JABSOM students must successfully complete a number of multi-station standardized patient examinations as a graduation requirement. This attention to teaching and assessing its medical students’ skills in the art and science of communication and physical diagnosis ensures that JABSOM graduates will be caring, competent and highly-skilled physicians.

Center for Clinical Skills

The Center for Clinical Skills has a suite of physical examination rooms which provide ideal clinical settings for our students to interact with specialized “standardized patients” (local volunteers who are trained to present themselves as people suffering from illness or needing health advice. (All such “patients” are trained in the same methods at medical schools across the nation, which is why the term “standardized patients” is used.)

The Center for Clinical Skills is responsible for providing training experiences in the care of patients for core educational activities in the required curricular units for the first two years of medical school; clinical skills evaluations for third year clinical rotations in pediatrics, internal medicine, and family medicine; standardized patient examinations in the required fourth year geriatrics rotation; and administration of the 4th year comprehensive clinical skills examination.

Center for Clinical Skills
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