Former JABSOM Intern Chronicles Smithsonian Exhibition

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amaya at the smithsonian

Amaya Reszka was a JABSOM/Academy of Creative Media intern who worked on the Extended Reality Anatomy—Next Generation Medical Education project, which went on to win the Impact and Innovation Showcase (IIS) award with Dr. Scott Lozanoff.  

The XR Core Lab, a revolutionary project by Dr. Lozanoff, has been a beacon of innovation at JABSOM. Its cutting-edge technology has not only advanced online collaboration and education but also played a vital role in continuing JABSOM's anatomy education during the pandemic. The innovations that emerged from the XR Core is being implemented in MD6 and provides the basis for a JABSOM spin out supported through the HITIDE Program in the Office of Innovation and Commercialization.  The innovation was recently highlighted at the March 2024 Board of Regents meeting. 

As part of the project, Dr. Lozanoff teamed up with Brett Service in the Academy of Creative Media as well as Jesse Thompson, Director of the XR Core Lab visualization lab and Dr. Güneş Aytaç, Assistant Professor, Dept Anatomy, Biochemistry & Physiology, to create a UH Manoa internship where ACM students could learn and apply state-of-the-art digital art software.  Thus, they create and depict realistic extended reality anatomical models used in the online curriculum.  

Amaya is a former JABSOM/ACM intern who graduated from UH Manoa and now works as an art handler at the Smithsonian. Through her internship and her creation of multiple models, Amaya contributed significantly to the implementation of our online anatomy learning system and the success of the XR Core Lab project.She says her work with this project propelled her to her current job at the Smithsonian as an Art Handler.

"I feel very strongly that without my internship with JABSOM that my application and skill set would've never been considered, so for that, I thank you and the team kindly," Reszka said. 

Reszka started working at the Smithsonian at the beginning of the year and is currently working at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, DC. The latest exhibition, "Revolutions: Art from the Hirshhorn Collection, 1860–1960," celebrates the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden's 50th anniversary. 

Reszka, in a show of gratitude for her opportunity at JABSOM, wanted to share some of the pieces that she curated for the Smithsonian exhibition.

“I am thrilled with the intern training collaboration between JABSOM and ACM,” Lozanoff said. “This is a key UH partnership that imparts a set of technical tools enabling our students to compete nationally.  Amaya provides an excellent representative of this program and we are delighted by her success.”

Revolutions: Art from the Hirshhorn Collection, 1860–1960, runs through April 20, 2025.

A Look at Former JABSOM/Academy of Creative Media (ACM) Intern's Smithsonian Journey