SimTiki Director Recognized for Decades of Simulation Work

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JABSOM's SimTiki Simulation Center is an international destination for healthcare students and professionals. At the 2024 annual International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare, SimTIki director Dr. Benjamin Berg was inducted as a Fellow of the prestigious Society of Simulation in Healthcare Academy and was honored with a Presidential Citation Award by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) for his outstanding leadership and efforts toward healthcare simulation advancement. 

Dr. Berg was awarded this citation for more than two decades of work in academic simulation through research, mentorship, education, and training, and for convening Inaugural Society for Simulation in Healthcare Asia Pacific Evolution Summit (SHAPES) which was attended by 21 delegates from 8 Nations at JABSOM in November 2023. JABSOM's SimTiki Center hosts many international students and Dr. Berg is considered a role model and ambassador in healthcare simulation.

"I am humbled by these professional milestones conferred by my simulationist colleagues and the largest international professional simulation society," Dr. Berg said. "Recognition by peers and selection for these distinctions is really a recognition of JABSOM, which has endorsed an academic commitment to excellence and innovation in healthcare education. Professional opportunities and my personal growth in the field of simulation entirely reflect the JABSOM ʻohana and student body, both of which nurture the community of practice from which many significant impacts emerge."