JABSOM Students Show Gratitude at Thank a Thon

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JABSOM MD 2026 candidate Richard Chen was one of the many students who received a scholarship upon acceptance to medical school. 

“I benefited from it extremely,” Chen said. “It actually allowed me to choose JABSOM in the first place. Having that financial burden lifted allows me to really focus on school. There's a great assurance in that and I really appreciate it.”

Chen was one of 40 second-year medical school students who spent their Sunday showing that appreciation by connecting with donors during JABSOM’s annual Thank-a-Thon. 

“We’re calling all of our donors and thanking them and talking story with them,” Chen said. “It’s just a great way for us to show our appreciation and it gives them a glimpse at the real-life impact their generosity makes on our lives.” 

The students placed more than 1,000 calls to JABSOM donors nationwide and beyond. Students and donors alike enjoy taking those extra steps and making a personal connection. 

“I think the people that I've been talking to are very thankful and kind of surprised that we're just calling them and thanking them,” Chen said. “I think they really enjoy the calls that we have. I know one of my classmates has had a 45 minute conversation with the donor, so I think it's a great way for our donors to see what's going on in our campus. It's been really affirming. A day like today reminds me of how much community and physician support that we have. It reminds me that there are a lot of people rooting for us and cheering us on and wanting us to do the best for the community here.”