New student hosts launch Docs Talk Story: Season 3

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The new student hosts for the Docs Talk Story podcast include Richard Chen, Morgan Quinley and Ryan Nakamura. Deborah Dimaya graphic.

The John A. Burns School of Medicine’s (JABSOM) student-run podcast, Docs Talks Story, kicks off season three after a long hiatus. Initially started in 2020 by now Drs. Royce Kwon, Enze Ma and Rylie Wada, a new trio of student hosts have taken up the helm under faculty adviser, Dr. Richard Kasuya.

Richard Chen, Morgan Quinley and Ryan Nakamura are continuing the podcast’s original mission of providing other medical students with valuable insights from current physicians practicing in Hawaiʻi respective to their specialties.

“Collectively, we had experience with the podcast medium, so we knew we were capable. But mostly, having a fun and creative outlet for our passion for medicine was too intriguing to pass up! In addition, as students still exploring what we want in our careers, this podcast was the perfect avenue for us to ask our own questions and deepen our perspective,” said Chen, a graduate of Roosevelt High School.

“Everyone has such a unique path through medicine and I am hopeful to be able to capture the essence of these stories through this podcast,” said Nakamura, a Maryknoll High School alumnus. “We are excited to continue this project with the hopes of utilizing this platform to showcase the awesome field of medicine and the incredible humans who we call our doctors!”

Quinley, originally from Guam, was motivated to join the podcast team in order to further explore the different opportunities available to physicians. She said, “I hope our listeners are able to gain some insight on the many different career paths there are within medicine after listening!”

Listen to the first episode of Docs Talk Story, Season Three on Spotify, “The Path from Pediatrics to Medical Education,” featuring Dr. Winona Lee (JABSOM MD 1997), director of the ʻImi Hoʻōla Post-Baccalaureate Program.