COVID-19 Research Roundup

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Tropical Medicine & Microbiology graduate student David Maison has been fervently studying COVID and appeared as first author in four peer-reviewed publications. Maison, who will be getting his PhD in May 2023, investigates the introduction of the COVID variants to Hawaiʻi, and how to combat them through next-generation vaccines while looking ahead to mutations on the rise.

Read all four studies on PubMeb.

Meanwhile, Dr. F DeWolfe Miller, professor emeritus in tropical medicine, published several high-impact publications on COVID in US-epidemiology studies. His research explored the “epidemic within the epidemic in Hawaiʻi.” Dr. Miller also studied the Delta and Omicron waves and looked at the dynamics of the pandemic in urban and rural areas.

Read all four studies on PubMed.

Finally, Dr. May Okihiro, Dr. Krit Phankitnirundorn, Dr. Alika Maunakea and others from UH and the Waiʻanae Coast Comprehensive Health Center studied vaccine hesitancy and found there are parallels between education and level of trust in COVID-19 information. The research was published in the journal Vaccines.