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Queerify: How to Be an Ally to the LGBTQ+ Community

October 24, 03:15 PM - 04:15 PM
Zoom (Register here)

LGBTQIA+ and queer individuals are often asked by allies: “How can I be a good ally to the community?” In this session, three UH professionals will share their thoughts regarding what effective allyship can entail, as well as how intersections with race and indigeneity can add important nuances to what it means to be an ally.

Panelists: Scott Sutherland Syreeta Washington Kaleikūkamakani Ruiz


In recognition of Hawaiian History Month in September and Filipino History Month and LGBT History Month in October, QUEERIFY features presenters and panelists from both the UH System as well as professionals from the community. Sessions are open to the public and will address various facets of queer experience and allyship, including intersections with culture, neurodivergence, and disability. To register for sessions, see the series program at

QUEERIFY is a UH-based public service project designed to amplify queer voices, mobilize queer folks to speak our truths, and connect queer folks and allies with information and one another for a stronger, healthier community.  QUEERIFY is sponsored by the University of Hawaiʻi Commission on LGBTQ+ Equality.

For information, see details about the QSeries here.​