Emergency Procedures for JABSOM Medical Students

Emergency Procedures for JABSOM Medical Students

Emergency Procedures for JABSOM Medical Students


Emergency/disaster situations pose potential threats to the health and safety of our students. These situations may present without warning, result in some degree of chaos, are very fluid in their evolution and will require quick thinking and immediate action to mitigate and/or eliminate the associated dangers. They can be very complex involving many external agencies responding to them as well as communication/information resources whose efforts must be synchronized and timely in order to minimize the chaos and maximize safety. Education, training, and preparation in advance of such circumstances in general are critical. To that end, JABSOM provides the following resources to educate and inform its students of actions to be taken in such circumstances.

Where to Find More Information

UH Mānoa Department of Public Safety has established a website which outlines actions to be taken in the event of hurricanes and severe storms, tsunamis and coastal flooding, earthquakes, fire, bomb threats, and an active shooter situation https://manoa.hawaii.edu/dps/emergency.html. The UHDPS has produced a downloadable Emergency Response Guidebook which is available for students for quick reference https://manoa.hawaii.edu/dps/. The information provided has broad application for any site where students may be located. Students should peruse this information and download the guidebook for future reference.

JABSOM has also produced a Summary of Actions During Specific Emergencies (pdf) at the Kakaʻako campus on this site. Students should become familiar with this information as well.

During an Emergency

Should an unexpected emergency arise on the Kakaʻako campus, contact the DPS security desk at the MEB at 808-692-0911 or the BSB at 808-692-1911. In most situations, students will be excused from classes/activities and sent home to await communication that it is safe to return. The JABSOM Public Information Officer will provide the information that the emergency/disaster has resolved and that it is safe to resume operations. In addition, the Office of Student Affairs will contact students who may be on neighbor island rotations and provide guidance as required.

JABSOM students who are undertaking clinical rotations at the various training sites will be notified by their preceptors as needed and be excused from their duties pending resolution of the incident. Clearance for return to the clinical sites will be co-ordinated between the Office of Student Affairs and the clinical course directors.