Program Curriculum

Program Curriculum

 Refer to the CMB Graduate Program Handbook for full details.


CMB Graduate Program Curriculum

All students are required to take:

  • CMB 621 - Cell & Molecular Biology I
  • CMB 622 - Cell & Molecular Biology II
  • CMB 611 - Seminar in Biomedical Sciences, each semester
  • CMB 626 – Ethics in Biomedical Research
  • CMB 654 (various) – Annually

In the Fall of the second year, students must pass the qualifying exam, a two-part exam consisting of a written multiple choice test and an oral presentation.


Ph.D. students

All Ph.D students are also required to take:

  • CMB 631 - three 13-15-week research rotations.  Please refer to the Faculty Directory to identify faculty research interests.
  • QHS 601 – Fundamentals of Biostatistics
  • CMB 669 – Essentials in Grant Writing

M.S. students

Must obtain at least 30 credits. Thesis and non-thesis options are offered.

A graduate student is considered to be enrolled full-time with a course load of 6-9 hours if a Graduate or Teaching Assistant, and 8-12 hours if not a GA or TA. Audited courses do not count towards these course load limits. Upper limits may be exceeded with permission of the Graduate Chair and the Graduate Dean.