The John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) is simultaneously addressing the medical and health challenges of today and preparing for the issues ahead. By helping expand JABSOM’s financial resources, you can ensure that the school is ready to seize these challenges and transform them into spectacular successes for the benefit of Hawaiʻi’s people.


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Your contribution to The JABSOM Fund offers vital unrestricted support to the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) in fulfilling its mission of A.L.O.H.A. (Attaining Lasting Optimal Health for All). These funds empower the JABSOM Dean to address critical areas of need and support initiatives that may not have access to other forms of funding.

Your support enables us to confront urgent health challenges head-on and implement innovative solutions for the betterment of our community's health and well-being.

2024 Scholarship Dinner


Scholarships allow students to make their career specialty decisions based on their passion rather than concern about financial debt and loan repayment. They also enable JABSOM to encourage exceptional students to attend JABSOM regardless of their financial circumstances.

By contributing to JABSOM’s Medical School Scholarship Fund, you will have a direct impact on the lives and careers of our students. And you will be investing in Hawaiʻi’s health care future – one student at a time.



Your contribution to the JABSOM Research Endowment is instrumental in driving research initiatives crucial for our medical school and the well-being of Hawaiʻi. This endowment fuels groundbreaking research that not only advances scientific knowledge but also addresses pressing health issues affecting our uniquely diverse population.

By supporting this endeavor, you enable us to delve deeper into understanding and combating health disparities prevalent in our communities. Together, we can translate research findings into tangible improvements in patient care, fostering a healthier future for all.


Rural and Neighbor Island Training

The well-documented physician shortage is putting the health of our neighbor island and rural communities at risk. In response, JABSOM offers its medical students opportunities to take both required and elective courses in neighbor-island and rural communities.

Your gift to the Rural and Neighbor Island Medical Education Support Fund will help cover the additional expenses incurred for lodging, transportation, and physician preparation and oversight when students are trained in Hawaiʻi’s more remote communities.


Learning Communities

Your support for the Learning Communities program at the John A. Burns School of Medicine is crucial in nurturing future physicians who are not only clinically competent but also deeply connected to their communities. Our Learning Communities initiative is designed to foster a collaborative environment that supports the growth of compassionate, culturally sensitive, and professional physician leaders. Through intentional, longitudinal small-group learning experiences, we focus on key topics such as professionalism, ethics, leadership, wellness, resilience, clinical skills, culture, community, and health system sciences.

Your support enables us to continue providing these enriching opportunities, empowering students to excel academically and professionally while maintaining a strong commitment to community service.

Mitch Cadiz becomes first recipient of the Clarence T.C. Ching Scholarship
Mitch Cadiz, a first-generation student from Kalihi, has become the first recipient of the Clarence T.C. Ching Scholarship at JABSOM. This full-ride scholarship supports ʻImi Hoʻōla graduates who commit to practicing in Hawaiʻi. Cadiz, who initially pursued nursing, decided to become a doctor to address healthcare disparities in his community, particularly among Filipino immigrants. His faith and dedication to serving his community have been crucial in his journey. He encourages others to overcome challenges and pursue their dreams in medicine.   Read more
JABSOM grads give back to Med Tech
Dr. Ronald Morton established the Kathleen K. Morton Memorial Endowment Fund at the University of Hawaiʻi's Medical Technology program to honor his late wife, Kathy. The scholarship supports Med Tech students by covering tuition and other financial needs, addressing the critical shortage of medical technologists in Hawaiʻi. This endowment aims to ease financial burdens for students, especially those who are single parents, ensuring they can complete the program successfully.   Read more
Investing in the state's aging population
Anne and Allen Abaya established two pilot programs to address the shortage of geriatricians in Hawai'i: the Nohara-Abaya Loan Repayment and Scholarship Award and the Nohara-Abaya Curriculum Support Fund. These initiatives aim to support medical students and nurse practitioners pursuing careers in geriatric medicine through financial aid and specialized training. The programs seek to enhance geriatric care in Hawai'i, which has a high elderly population but a critical shortage of geriatricians.   Read more
Kauai Medical Training Track
JABSOM launched the Kauaʻi Medical Training Track with support from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. This program allows six medical students per year to complete part of their training on Kauaʻi, addressing healthcare disparities on the island. Students spend significant time in clinical rotations and are required to practice on Kauaʻi for at least four years after residency. The initiative aims to alleviate the shortage of healthcare professionals in rural Hawaiʻi by fostering long-term commitments from trained physicians.   Read more