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Case reports are not the most rigorous publication, but they serve an important role to illustrate a unique case. Sometimes in clinical practice, you may look for answers in the literature and find one unique case that proves useful. With this in mind, we have built an online repository of our UH residents, fellows, and/or faculty who would like assistance in writing up a case for publication as a case report. Our currently enrolled JABSOM medical students may contact the resident or fellow below to offer their assistance in writing up a case report. Our goal is that this provides another bridge between our UH medical students and residents/fellows and furthers their pursuit and contributions to research.

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CARE Case Report Guidelines

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Reminder: No PHI about the case should be shared via emails. UH File Drop or secure messaging systems at the site of patient care should be used.

Case: 25 y/o pregnant woman with anti-M antibody
What’s interesting: Minor antibodies have a complex algorithm for care in pregnancy. While the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology has a very prescriptive approach applied along broad lines, knowledge of individual antibodies and management is limited to small case series and there may be room for more nuanced decision making.
Attending: Robert Thomas Carlisle, MD, MPH; email:

Are you a UH resident/fellow or physician practicing in HI and want to guide a medical student in writing up a case report? Email the information below to Joan Gerber at

1. Brief description of patient/case description
2. Why is this case interesting?
3. Contact name and cell or email
4. Attending Physician/PI physician and contact email
(Has this case been reviewed and approved by the attending physician to submit to a case report depository to solicit opportunities for medical students to assist in writing up?)


The regulator steps and requirements necessary to publish a case report vary by institution. In general, they are intended to follow ethical conduct of research principles and to protect patient privacy.

Queen’s Health System
All case reports involving patients and patient information in the Queen’s Health System require submission to and approval by the Queen’s Research and Institutional Review Committee (RIRC) in the Office of Research and Development (ORD). Please use this Case Report Protocol Template: QMC CaseReportTemplate_202202. Authors should refer to the Queen’s ORD website for further information and instructions.

Hawaii Pacific Health System
All case reports involving patients and patient information in the HPH system require notification to the Hawaii Pacific Health Research Institute (HPHRI). Pre-submission and approval are not required for case reports, but notification is mandatory. Please review and follow the HPH Case Report Guidelines: HPHRI Case-Reports Guidelines. Further information can be found at:


CARE Checklist of Information to Include When Writing a Case Report

Journals that accept case reports

How to Write Letters to the Editor

How to Write & Publish a Medical Case Report Using CARE Guidelines

Consent – Some journals require a specific consent form be used to consent the patient represented in the case report. We encourage you to investigate these specific requirements of the journal to which you are planning to submit your case. If there is no specific consent form requirement, you may use this Consent Form. As a medical student, you will gain experience participating in the process of obtaining and consenting the patient and best practices in doing this at the various clinical settings the patient is seen. We hope you will work closely with the resident and/or attending.