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Punahou faculty, staff, create & donate more than 1,300 3D face shields

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Two face shields created by Punahou faculty and staff to help build up Hawaii’s PPE inventory. Photo by  Michael Savala, University Health Partners.


By Paula Bender JABSOM News 

Mr. Taryn Loveman from Punahou School teaches Design Thinking, Technology, and Fabrication. Two years ago, Loveman made a forward-thinking statement to parents who attended the opening of the D. Kenneth Richardson (’48) Learning Lab in the Mamiya Science Center: “Design thinking is learning for a social purpose, to do good.”

 Hold that thought. Two years later there is an opportunity to do some design thinking. 

 It’s no secret that in 2020 COVID-19 strains resources such as personal protective equipment (PPE) here in Hawaii. It did not go unnoticed by those in the community with resources to help. So while the kid were away, the Punahou School faculty and staff plugged away. In good-example fashion, they stepped up to take on a problem in need of a solution. 

Since mid-April they have been printing reusable 3D face shields and N95 masks for JABSOM students and doctors, hospitals, and other medical facilities. Isn’t that a great story? 

Here’s the story written by Punahou Communications Officer Rachel Breitweser Punahou Bulletin website

 The reusable face shields donated to JABSOM will be key to medical students who learn in hospitals, clinics, and other facilities as part of their curriculum to become doctors. 

mask donations from punahou

Mr. Taryn Loveman (2nd from right) earlier this week delivered the masks to Dr. Ivica Zalud, Dr. Men-Jean Lee, and third-year medical students Darreon Schwartz and Taryn Miyake. Michael Savala photo taken at Kapiolani Medical Center.

Someone else is key to making such things happen: Dr. Men-Jean Lee, a Punahou School alumna, a JABSOM professor, and an Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women’s Health physician.

 That’s a really big deal. When you see Dr. Lee, who is in the center of the picture above, give her an air hug for her tenaciousness to inspire donors who help our JABSOM students. According to Lisa Kellett, Medical Student Program Manager, “Dr. Lee has been working tirelessly reaching out to multiple societies asking for donations to our medical students.”

We appreciate you Dr. Lee!

And we appreciate Punahou School, too! 

Here’s a story about three Punahou 2015 grads who were rounding up PPE in March. One is a JABSOM graduate!






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