JABSOM Media and Communications

The JABSOM Media and Communications (JMAC) Team shares news about our school in a variety of ways. Find the latest headlines, videos and photos on our special news website, UH Med Now.

Connect with us by clicking on any of the social media icons at the foot of our webpages. We also issue a weekly eNewsletter and an annual “The JABSOM Lens” summarizing news of the year.


What can I use the media request form for?
We highly recommend using the form for most requests! The form request will be seen by everyone on the team. It will almost ensure
a quicker response than reaching out to members individually (who may not immediately see emails due to being in a meeting or in the middle of a photoshoot, etc).

Can I still send e-mails to your team?
Absolutely! If you’d like the whole team to receive requests,
please fill out the media request form or email uhmed@hawaii.edu.
If you just want to reach out to an individual member, feel free to do so as well.

How soon can you fulfill a request?
Our most hectic season is usually from late February to August,
with the transition of our graduating students and incoming
medical students and residents. We try to expedite any
time-sensitive material and adjust our schedule as much as we
can for those types of projects and events. We kindly ask for
your patience, and we recommend planning ahead
and notifying our team in advance.

How many edits do you allow for videos?
For video projects, we allow up to
three rounds of edits.
Otherwise, we will send the final product and mark the project as complete. We ask that during the review process to make your edits as clear and concise as possible.

For events and projects, how far in advance
does your team have to be notified?
As soon as you have finalized details on your project (time/date/people involved/locations), please notify us
as soon as possible. That way on our end, we can plan accordingly. We understand that everyone’s schedules don’t always line up, so we kindly ask to please plan ahead. We may ask you to send photos and videos for us to use in the future.

Love your work! Keep it up!
Thank you! We do our best. 😉

(Click each team member’s name below to send an email!)
Matthew Campbell
Deborah Dimaya
Janell Agcaoili
Vina Cristobal

Need to inquire about an event or project?mediarequestform-web

For inquires about scheduled or proposed events at JABSOM-Kakaʻako, or to schedule a group tour of our facilities CLICK HERE to contact JABSOM Special Events Manager, Melia Young .

To get an event listed on the e-Bulletin Board in the Medical Education Building lobby at Kakaʻako, read: e-Bulletin Board.