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David G. Watumull, is a co-founder, President, and CEO of Cardax, Inc., a Hawai‘i based public biopharmaceutical company. As co-inventor of the Cardax technology, he is listed on 14 U.S. and global patents and has raised more than $20 million for Cardax since it spun out from Hawai‘i Biotech in May of 2006.

The Cardax technology combines large-scale organic synthesis of compounds found in nature with rigorous scientific development to deliver potent anti-inflammatory dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals with the safety of food.

Prior to Cardax, as CEO of Hawaii Biotech, he led efforts that resulted in more than $25 million in investor financing, $30 million in federal grant and contract funding, and the purchase of the company’s dengue vaccine by Merck.

Before Hawai‘i Biotech, Mr. Watumull worked at Paine Webber as a biotech money manager and investment executive, First Honolulu Securities as a biotech money manager, biotech industry analyst, and investment banker, and Aquasearch as Executive Vice president.

He was named one of Hawaii's "Ten Who Made a Difference" by the Honolulu Star- Bulletin for 2004 and received the 2014 Life Science Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Hawaii Venture Capital Association.

Mr. Watumull graduated from Punahou School and attended Claremont Men's College (now Claremont McKenna), majoring in mathematics, and has lectured at Claremont McKenna, the University of Hawai‘i business and law schools, and the business school of Chaminade University.


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