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Cora Speck, MS, MBA

Ms. Cora Rillero Speck is the Trauma Injury Prevention & Outreach Coordinator at The Queen’s Medical Center. Or, as she likes to say, she simply has the best job in the hospital. In her role she reviews local trauma data for trends in serious injuries, then collaborates with community partners to develop, implement and assess strategies to reduce the burden of injuries in Hawai‘i.

Her two Masters Degrees are from The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. While Cellular & Molecular Biology and Business are both informative in guiding her work, it was the Johns Hopkins Summer Institute on Injury Prevention that provided the framework and passion for Injury Prevention using a public health approach.

Ms. Speck has worked at The Queen’s Medical Center since 2003 as a Research Associate while in graduate school, then as a Clinical Research Grant Writer, Trauma Research Coordinator, and finally settled into her current position in Injury Prevention and Outreach. Current areas of emphasis range from Child Passenger Safety/Car Seats through Falls Prevention and Older Driver Safety.

Ms. Speck grew up in Vermont and Maui, graduating from Seabury Hall in 1996. She surfs when the waves are good, hikes or trains for marathons on the days when surf conditions are poor, and does yoga or Pilates if it’s too dark to surf or run. She is a firm believer in preparing home-cooked, mostly-vegetarian meals, reading books daily, and going to sleep early. She enjoys traveling, most recently returning from a 2-week bucket-list adventure around Iceland in an RV with her 9-year old son, two teenagers, and boyfriend. She is happy to have survived, and is looking forward to future travels with family and friends.

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