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Chad Sato, D.C.

Dr. Chad Sato is a Chiropractor, Life Facilitator, Speaker, and Author.  Dr. Sato founded Aloha Chiropractic on October 1, 1999, in Mānoa Valley on O‘ahu.  He has developed a body of knowledge through his sixteen-year practice working with thousands of people, leading him to pioneer his own unique method of working with health symptoms.  His award-winning book, Infinite Body Wisdom, offers enlightening information about the mind-body connection, which has led to his Infinite Body Wisdom series that he teaches at Happiness U.  In addition, every day, through his practice, he helps people reach a new level of empowerment when it comes to their health and wellness, by guiding them to tap into their inner knowing.  Dr. Chad’s intent is to help people gain confidence and trust by staying present with their body’s signs, making appropriate life choices, and utilizing stress instead of managing it. 

His second book, Infinite Body Awareness, was released in July 2015, which discusses the mind-body connection and is a resource for people to discover the mental/emotional elements underlying certain health ailments.  He has created a smart phone application also called Infinite Body Awareness to help people discover the mind-body correlations associated with over 150 common health conditions.  The app describes symptoms, common Western medical treatments, mind–body correlations, and action steps that can be taken to address them.  The app is available for iPhones and iPads at the App Store and for Android platforms in Google Play.  Follow him at

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