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Felicia Marquez-Wong, L.S.W., Q.C.S.W., C.T.

Felicia Marquez-Wong is the Bereavement Services Manager for St. Francis Hospice and has been part of the St. Francis Healthcare System of Hawai‘i ʻohana for 23 years. She has been certified in thanatology by the Association for Death Education & Counseling since 2003. As a licensed social worker for 32 years, she was awarded: the 2011 Professional with Heart Award by the Healthcare Association of Hawai‘i; 2007 Family Caregiving/Support Award by KHON 2 Elderhood Project; 2007 Mother Marianne Award by St. Francis Healthcare System of Hawai‘i; and the 2002 Medical Social Worker for National Association of Social Workers – Hawai‘i Chapter. She self-published a book “Grief Happens” in 2006.

Since her breast cancer diagnosis in 2016, she now has a new perspective in life. She incorporates daily morning walk-and-talk dates with her husband. Felicia learns the importance of humor and being present from her 96-year-old mother/roommate. She is a proud mother of a son who is an agricultural inspector on Maui and a daughter who is character animator in California.

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