Frequently Asked Questions (IGC)


Q: Why am I asked to make an annual commitment?

A: The need for funding is ongoing. Your annual commitment helps JABSOM continue the important work of educating our students, conducting research and serving the community. Each year there is a need for support from alumni, friends, foundations, and corporations to ensure that we can meet Hawaii’s health care needs. Gifts from faculty and staff signal to the broader community that those of us closest to the school believe it is worthy of support.

Q: What is an Appeal Code and why do I need one?

A: The UH Foundation will use the Appeal Code to record and track your gift with the correct Department.

Q: Where will my gift go?

A: You may direct your gift to the UH Foundation JABSOM fund of your choice and/or designate your gift to one of the Dean’s 2016 priority funds:

  • Medical School Development Fund #120-1440-4 which provides flexible resources for the Dean to invest in areas he feels are important to the future of JABSOM.
  • Rural Ambulatory Clinical Education (R.A.C.E) Fund #125-7920-2. Promotes and supports clinical education of 3rd yr. students at approved R.A.C.E. education sites throughout Hawaii.
  • Medical School Scholarship Fund #120-3110-4 which eases the financial burden for deserving medical students.

Regardless of the fund, your gift will have a direct impact on the future of health care in Hawaii.

Q: How can I make my gift?

A: There are a number of convenient options for making a gift to JABSOM.

  • Online –
  • Mail – send checks made payable to UH Foundation by campus mail to: Joanne Ikehara, 651 Ilalo St., MEB223H, Honolulu, HI 96813.
  • Automatic Payroll Deduction – choose the amount and frequency of your gift or pledge by completing the form on our website, Salary Assignment Form Fillable
  • Phone – call Joanne Ikehara at 808-692-0879.

Q: I have already given to JABSOM this year. Will this count toward the campaign?

A: Gifts of more than $5,000, given between January 1, 2016 and October 13, 2016 will count as well as all gifts in support of the Whelan Endowed Chair in Surgery.

Q: I already have a recurring payroll deduction or credit card pledge. Do I need to make another?

A: If you did not specify an end date, you do not need to make another pledge and the annual amount of your pledge will be credited toward the campaign. Recurring gifts with an end date must be renewed in order to be credited.

Q: How long will the campaign run?

A: October 14 – November 14, 2016.

Q: What are this year’s goals?

A: The dollar goal is $400,000 and the participation goal is 400 donors.

Q: Is there an incentive to encourage my participation?

A: There are three Challenge Gifts created by the Dean, Campaign Co-Chairs and the Dean’s Executive Leadership Team.

  • $19,535 Kick-Off Matching Gift Challenge
    Allocated proportionately across all gifts & pledges received by October 21.
  • $3,500 Participation Gift Challenge
    Allocated evenly among the four funds with the most donors by November 14.
  • Burgess Participation Gift Challenge
    • Departments with fewer than 20 members with 100% participation: $50 per donor
    • Departments with 20 or more members and 20 minimum donors: receive $50 per donor
    • $25 per donor if supplemented by RCUH/UHP
    • Total amount: $10,000, first come, first served
    More Questions? Contact:

    Julie Inouye at 692-0873 or or
    Joanne Ikehara at 691-0879 or