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Honor Thy Faculty: Easy to do, we love ’em! Students Present Third Annual Excellence in Medical Education Awards

Date: March 15th, 2019 in Faculty, Student Life    Print or PDF

Faculty award winners are pictured

Pictured: Left to right: Royce Shimamoto, MD; Pia Lorenzo, MD; Scott Lozanoff, PhD; Shannon Hirose-Wong, PhD; Shandini Raidoo, MD; Chad Cryer, MD. Not pictured: Kyra Len, MD.

JABSOM medical students announce 2019 Excellence in Medical Education faculty awards

By the JABSOM Enquirer

You have probably heard of the Emmy Awards, but have you heard of the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) “EME” awards? The third-annual Excellence in Medical Education (EME) awards were presented at a recent JABSOM Medical Education Student Interest Group meeting. Seven faculty members were elected by the University of Hawaii medical school student body as exemplars of the aspirational qualities of the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) Objectives for Graduation. This year’s awardees were:

  • Lifelong Learning Skills – Kyra Len, MD
  • Biological Sciences – Scott Lozanoff, PhD
  • The Care of Patients – Chad Cryer, MD
  • Oral and Written Communication Skills – Royce Shimamoto, MD
  • Populational and Community Health – Pia Lorenzo, MD
  • Professionalism – Shandhini Raidoo, MD
  • Personal Health and Well-Being – Shannon Hirose-Wong, PhD

    The EME awards were created by the Medical Education Student Interest Group three years ago, for the purpose of better recognizing outstanding faculty members at JABSOM. Medical Education Student Interest Group faculty advisor Dr. Richard Kasuya shared, “The group wanted to start a new tradition of student-voted faculty recognition awards. Tying them to the seven categories of the JABSOM graduation objectives was a creative angle, and serves as another way of reminding everyone of the importance of these aspects in the development of outstanding physicians.”

    Erika Noel (Class of 2019) was the group president three years ago when the EME awards were first conceived.

    “I’m so proud that we started these EME awards because the students get to recognize faculty and staff members who have played a role in our medical education that at times can be very challenging-intellectually, physically, and emotionally.”

    Dr. Scott Lozanoff, Professor of Anatomy and this year’s selection for the Basic Sciences award, reflected on the added meaningfulness of these awards being voted on by the medical students. “The fact that students would take the time and make the effort to recognize faculty represents the team-spirit and communal culture here at the medical school. I really believe this spirit and the strong relationship between faculty and medical students makes JABSOM a very special place.”

    Current Medical Education Student Interest Group President Nicole Anzai (Class of 2021) summed up the feeling of all of the JABSOM medical students by saying, “We want to thank all of the award winners for serving as such wonderful role models for all of us.”

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