Friends of the Medical School – Alumni Corner


The Friends of the Medical School keep in touch with our students and their families. Here’s one message from Hawaiʻi Island’s Krista Kiyosaki, MD Class of 2013 President, following her first year of Residency Training:

As members of the JABSOM class of 2014 receive their official titles as M.D.s, the class of 2013 is just beginning to embrace what the designation truly means. We have spent our intern year doing grunt work, scut labor and all the unglamorous tasks too menial to show on primetime TV. We have had to learn to quell our egos and embrace humility. We have questioned our own knowledge and faced the uncertainty of defending our clinical decisions. Responsibility and obligation are new weights we now carry.

Our patients take top priority and we spend more time in the hospital than at home. In spite of the long hours and stress of duty, the class of 2013 remains strong. Within our residencies from Hawaii to New York and everywhere in-between, we have come to realize that JABSOM has prepared us well, but we have so much more to learn.

Our class manages to stay in touch with each other through email and social media. We hope this camaraderie and collegiality is a preview to life in 10 years when we will be practicing alongside one another back home in Hawaiʻi!

Krista Kiyosaki receiving awards at the 2013 Convocation Ceremony.

Krista Kiyosaki receiving awards at the 2013 Convocation Ceremony.