Friends of the Medical School

The Friends of the Medical School organization supports students and their parents, especially during special times like MD Convocation and the MD White Coat Ceremonies. Dr. F. Don Parsa, MD, is a past President of the Friends.

The Friends of the Medical School (FOMS) was formed in 1976 to:

  • enhance the experience of medical students, residents and fellows as “physicians-in-training;”
  • inform and engage the families of “physicians-in-training;” and
  • help JABSOM increase opportunities for alumni to practice medicine in Hawaiʻi.

The primary activities of the organization are:

  • Providing financial and volunteer support for the annual White Coat Ceremony for in-coming first-year medical students
  • Staging ʻOhana Day for the parents and families of in-coming first-year medical students. This half day event gives families an overview of the medical school experience the students are embarking on, provides an opportunity for families to meet, and welcomes them into the JABSOM ʻohana.
  • Providing financial and volunteer support for Convocation
  • Sponsoring three Convocation awards.
    • Poʻokela Noʻeau Award was established in 1997 to recognize the student selected by his or her class as having characteristics which best exemplify the quality of the ideal physician. The recipient is selected by the 4th year class.
    • Poʻokela Noiʻi Award was established in 1997 to recognize outstanding research by a medical student selected by a faculty panel.
    • Aequanimitas Noʻonoʻo Pono Award was established in 2013 to recognize the student who best demonstrates imperturbability in all situations and who reponds quickly, calmly and accurately in providing medical assistance.
  • Hosting the JABSOM student Osler Society which is dedicated to perpetuating the life, teachings, and ethical example of Sir William Osler.

President Lucy Wong, MD
Vice President Norma Murayama, MD
Secretary Lila Johnson
Treasurer Elizabeth Tom

Board Members
Jason Fleming, MD
Sabrina Toma
The Hon James S. Burns
Lynn Lally
The Hon Benjamin J. Cayetano
Norma Murayama
Michael J. Chun, PhD
F. Don Parsa, MD
Beatrice Beadie Kanahele Dawson
Chuck Sakamoto, MD
Thomas Kosasa, MD
Tina Semenza

Ex-Officio Members
Jerris R. Hedges, MD, MS, MMM Dean
William F. Haning, MD President, JABSOM Alumni Association

The Friends of the Medical School welcomes everyone who wishes to support the John A. Burns School of Medicine and its students. To view the most recent Friends newsletter, click hereTo donate, please click here for a printable gift form.

For more information, please contact Friends President Dr. Lucy Wong at