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Approved Department DPC Procedures & Criteria Documents:

Med Tech_Final Approved DPC Procedures_10.21.15

Surgery_Approved DPC Procedures_10.27.15

Anatomy_FINAL_Approved DPC Procedures_9.15.17

ObGyn_FINAL_Approved DPC Procedures_11.20.17

CSD_FINAL_Approved DPC Procedures_9.20.18

CMB_Final Approved DPC Procedures_12.5.18

TropMed_Approved DPC Procedures_01.22.19

Psychiatry_Approved DPC Procedures_4.16.19

QHS_FINAL_Approved DPC Procedures_01.17.20


JABSOM M-Faculty Series Criteria:

2021-11-02 JABSOM M-series criteria v17 clean

(Note: this version has yet to be formally approved by the Provost, however criteria has not changed, only additional examples of how criteria can be met have been added)



5 Tips for Applying for Promotion and Tenure at JABSOM