Nov. 6 & 7: Pacific Regenerative Medicine Conference


November 6th, 2017 - November 7th, 2017

12:00 AM - 11:59 PM

The Annual Pacific Regenerative Medicine Conference (PRMC) will be held November 6 – 7, 2017 at the Hawai’i Convention Center in Honolulu, Hawai’i. Our Conference will bring together world-class personalities working on stem cells, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine to discuss materials-related strategies for disease remediation and tissue repair. Bone tissue engineering, soft tissues, tissue imaging, tissue implant, cartilage, skin defects, and the induction of regeneration by biologically active molecules administered alone are a special focus along with applying basic science and engineering principles from diverse areas towards solving clinically relevant biomedical problems.


Attacking Inflammation: Regenerative Approaches to Chronic Disease and Aging
Innovations and Breakthroughs in Regenerative Medicine
Regeneration and Therapeutics
Tissue Regeneration
Whole Organ Engineering and Approaches
Stem Cells – Tools to Battle Cancer
Bone and Cartilage Tissue Engineering
Scaffolds – 3D BioPrinting
Novel Approaches in Guided Tissue Regeneration
Models of Regeneration
Translational Medicine
Ethical and Legal Issues

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