Designing Powerful Learning Experiences: Strategies from Innovation and Impact Showcase Awardees


February 8th, 2023

10:00 AM - 11:15 AM


As higher education professionals, we strive to prepare our graduates to become competent professionals and productive citizens. The awardees of the UH Mānoa Innovation and Impact Showcase (IIS) were keenly aware of the importance of engaging students in powerful learning experiences that engage students in real-world experiences, supported by guidance, collaborative learning environment, and constructive feedback and reflection cycle. Each panelist will demonstrate their own innovative teaching practice and the impact on student learning. Join this webinar to explore strategies and adapt them for your own context, share your tactics with fellow participants, and learn more about the UH Mānoa IIS Award.

Join this webinar to explore strategies of UH Mānoa Innovation and Impact Showcase (IIS) awardees and adapt them to your own context. Panelists will demonstrate their innovative teaching practices and discuss their impact on student learning.

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