A Community Epigenetics Perspective: Can Health Outcomes Be Shaped Through Gene Expression?


April 27th, 2023

6:00 AM - 7:30 AM


A Community Epigenetics Perspective portrait 0320 0901 Maunakea and John spelled correctly


In this virtual discussion, five researchers come together to explore the role that epigenetic research plays in helping to decrease health inequities.

Highlighted will be the genetic modifications or changes that we accumulate during our life, including environmental aspects like the food we eat or chemicals we are exposed to, and even through traumas we experience. These shifts, referred to as epigenetics, can travel all the way to how our DNA is packaged, impacting gene expression and generations to come.

Among the guest speakers is JABSOM Associate Professor Alika Maunakea, Ph.D.

**Please note that the event takes place the EST time zone, so it will start at 6:00AM HST. 

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