Complementary and Integrative Medicine Elective

Department of Complementary & Integrative Medicine Elective

Contact: Noelani Apau-Ludlum, MD
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Noelani Apau-Ludlum MD
Location(s): Various locations as per course director
Duration: 4 weeks
Number of Students: 1-10


This elective provides a review of evidenced-based theory and research approaches to complementary
care practices as integrated with allopathic medicine.  Appropriate for all medical students
interested in traditional, complementary and integrative approaches to primary acute and tertiary

At the completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  1. Identify the consumer movement and cultural/social phenomena operating in health care
    relative to complementary and alternative therapies.
  2. Identify cultural/ethnic traditions related to indigenous health care systems.
  3. Analyze the mind/body/spiritual connection in relationship to complementary and
    integrative care.
  4. Evaluate different theories and systems approaches to complementary and integrative care.
  5. Experience and/or apply various mind/body/spiritual approaches to complementary and
    integrative care.
  6. Identify practice and research implications of complementary and integrative modalities.


The inquiry-based method is utilized to maximize student learning through seminars, guest speakers,
and class discussion.  Various teaching/learning, audio-visual and experiential modalities are
used to faster students awareness and ability.


  1. Weekly critique of research or peer-reviewed journal articles relevant to class content (14
    articles required).
  2. Journal writing based upon personal probing of mind/body/spiritual issues as revealed in
    dreams, clinical experiences, lifestyle practices, your environment, and
    self-revelation.  Some of the entries should be used to record your experiences of
    meditation as practiced for 15 minutes per day for the course.
  3. Group project/paper based on therapies chosen from the 5 National Center for Complementary
    and Alternative Medicine domains of Complementary and Alternative Medicine designated for
    research study.  The project will include analysis and synthesis of a systematic review
    of current theory/research, site visits, and case studies which integrate CAM and standard
    medical care.
  4. In-class sharing of two visits by student to two different complementary therapy practitioners
    as either client or observer.  These sessions are to be arranged individually by each
    student allowing his/her choice of practitioner.

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