FAQs (MD Program)

Frequently Asked QuestionsHow do I apply?

All applicants are required to submit an on-line application with the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS).

When is the application deadline?

The AMCAS application receipt deadline is November 1 (EST) or August 1 (EST) for Early Decision application.  Applicants are advised to check directly with AMCAS to confirm that their application and official college transcripts are received by AMCAS by the deadline.  JABSOM will not grant deadline extensions.

Does JABSOM accept the AMCAS Fee Waiver to exempt the application processing fee?

No, JABSOM does not waive the application processing fee or accept the AMCAS Fee Waiver.

What are the science prerequisites for medical school application?

The minimum required science coursework is provided at the JABSOM website, please refer to the specific science prerequisite listings.  Click here for the complete listing of science prerequisites.

Is there a preferred major or degree or undergraduate college for application?

JABSOM does not have a preference as to the major or degree or undergraduate college as long as the applicant fulfills the minimum admissions requirements and science prerequisites for application. The choice of major, degree, or college is left to the applicant.

Do you accept AP credits toward the science requirements?

Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate (IB) credits documented on a college official transcript and verified on the AMCAS application may satisfy a science prerequisite.

What is the average GPA or MCAT scores?

The median GPA and MCAT scores of the latest entering class are posted here on the JABSOM website.

What are the oldest and latest MCAT test scores considered for application?

The MCAT must be taken within three years of your expected date of entry to JABSOM.  The latest MCAT scores screened in the application process are September of the year of application (May for Early Decision).

Do you have an age limit for admission?

No. All applicants are considered without discrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or status as a disabled veteran.

Does JABSOM accept nonresident or international students?

JABSOM does accept nonresident (which may include international students).  Out of an entering class of 70, approximately 14% (10) may be nonresidents.  International students are recommended to have completed their science prerequisites in the United States or Canada.

Does everyone receive a secondary application or supplemental materials?

No.  Upon receipt of your verified AMCAS application, your application will go through a screening process.  Applicants who make the secondary screening cut will proceed through the admissions process and requested to submit supplemental materials and invited for interviews.  Please refer to this website to view the latest entering class profile of number of resident and nonresident applicants to JABSOM, number of applicants interviewed, and number of applicants accepted.

What are your specific requirements regarding letters of recommendation?

JABSOM will only accept letters of recommendation via the ‘AMCAS Letter of Evaluation/Recommendation’ service.  AMCAS will receive letters via postal mail, from users of VirtualEvals and Interfolio, and electronically (visit the AMCAS website for further instructions). The requirement is a minimum of two individual letters or your school’s Pre-Medical/Pre-Health Committee evaluation packet.

When and how are interviews conducted by JABSOM?

Applicants who make the screening process will be invited for interviews.  The interview process begins from August through mid-February.  There are two one-on-one interviews.  Two interviews are conducted by a pool of clinicians, basic scientist, alumni, faculty, or fourth-year medical students.  A third interview is conducted by the Director of Admissions.

Are tours available for applicants?

There are Medical Student Ambassadors/Recruiters who conduct scheduled tours for applicants. Applicants are recommended to schedule a tour with the medical students in advance.

Is JABSOM on a rolling admissions?

No.  The majority of applicants reviewed by the Admissions Committee will be notified of their final admissions status at the completion of the review process.  A few highly qualified applicants may be extended a notification of acceptance right after the Admissions Committee review.

How is your wait list ranked and should I provide additional materials?

Wait listed applicants are kept in their rank order based upon the Admissions Committee’s composite score.  No additional materials or information will be requested from applicants on the wait list. Wait listed applicants will be notified of an offer of acceptance as a slot becomes available.

Are there scholarships or financial assistance available to medical students?

Financial status is not a factor in considering applicants for acceptance.  Efforts are made to assist medical students in obtaining loans and scholarships, whenever possible. Loan funds from Federal sources are available only to U.S. citizens and Permanent Residents. Approximately 80% of JABSOM’s student body receives financial assistance. Applicants are referred to the JABSOM Office of Student Affairs, Financial Aid and Scholarships and to the University of Hawai’i Financial Aid Services Office.

Do you accept transfers / advanced standing students?

JABSOM is not considering requests for advanced standing since there is no space anticipated available in the clinical third-year. Please refer to the Admissions Policy for Advanced Standing.

Please direct inquiries regarding admission to the John A. Burns School of Medicine to the Office of Admissions.

Phone: (808) 692-0892

Email: medadmin@hawaii.edu

Last revised: August 2018

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