Educational Resources (GME)

Educational Resources


Faculty & Resident Professional Development Resources

  1. Anti-Bias Training: Video #1 for Core Faculty, <15 min (target audience: Recruitment, Admissions, CCC/PEC teams) 
  2. Anti-Bias Training: Video #2 for Teaching Faculty, <15 min (target audience: all teaching faculty) 
  3. AAMC & ACGME Resources for COVID-19, Well-Being, Distance Learning, Milestones and more!
    1. ACGME Learn (create an account for free to access training)
    2. ACGME Equity Matters (part of ACGME Learn, create a free account to access)
    3. ACGME Milestones Resources
    4. AAMC – Tools for success during residencyCoronavirus hub
  4. Free Online Faculty & Resident Development Modules (Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine)
  5. GME Pandemic Impacts to Rotations Worksheet (auto-download, word file) 
  6. Institute for Healthcare Improvement (for access, please contact your department administrator)
  7. Residents as Teachers – Google Site for JABSOM – Residents as Teachers
  8. Simulation Training at JABSOM SimTiki
  9. (for access, please contact your department administrator)
  10. Teaching Resources for Faculty – Google Site for JABSOM Teaching Resources (UH Login Required)
  11. Training and Technology Knowledge Base (SUPERB Safety, Safe Zone, Title IX, and more!)
  12. UH JABSOM Faculty Development Resources Page
  13. Well-Being: JABSOM Mindful Practice (monthly recordings and shared resources)
  14. Well-Being: Resources for Residents & Fellows (updated 2/2023)


Communication Tools: Communication is the cornerstone that builds and reinforces the relationship between provider and patient. This is a skill set that requires development and practice to be successful. The VitalTalk curriculum offers evidence-based training that “makes communication skills for serious illnesses learnable” with a goal to “empower clinicians and institutions” to have better conversations leading to better care for their patients and families. 

The Hawaii VitalTalk Consortium is pleased to share two Hawaii-produced videos demonstrating communication tools that are included in the VitalTalk curriculum. 

  1. Powered by Vital Talk: GUIDE Video
  2. Powered by Vital Talk: NURSE Video 
  • GUIDE Handout– A one-page talking map to “guide” discussions, helpful when breaking bad news
  • NURSEHandout– A one-page talking map useful when responding to emotions
  • For additional and free communication resources, please visit the VitalTalk website.  Quick Guides and related videos are available in their resources section.


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