Forms to request, schedule or update Willed Body Donation


NEW AS OF 9/8/2020: As of Monday, September 14, 2020, end of business, the Willed Body Program will temporarily stop accepting body donations. Please see media release below. We urge donors and/or their loved ones to look for alternate arrangements at this time. Please contact us if a donor passes away during our closure so we can update our database.

New Donor Applications: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we have reduced teaching programs at this time. Therefore, we are currently unable to accept/process new donor Anatomical Gift Donation forms after July 24, 2020. Any paperwork received after this date will be held in a secure file until we are able to begin accepting donors again.


JABSOM Willed Body Program Paused 0910 2020

9/10/2020 Media Statement: JABSOM Willed Body Program Paused 0910 2020


Mahalo for considering the most unselfish gift a person can give, a gift of the human body for the to serve humanity in the most personal, meaningful way. A donation to the University of Hawaiʻi medical school anatomy program makes possible a unique learning experience which cannot be achieved through texts or computers. Through anatomy, the aspiring doctor learns the secrets of the human body, grasping details which allow him or her to provide the best care for future generations.

WBP Important Info & Instructions (Revised May 2020)

UH WBP Anatomical Gift Donation Form (Revised May 2020) – For New Members – WILL BE AVAILABLE AFTER OUR HOLD IS LIFTED

Update Form (For Current Members to update information)