Space Request, Reassignment & Relocation Process


To define the John A Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) physical education and research space request, reassignment and relocation process.

Space Advisory Committee:

The role of the Space Advisory Committee (“the Committee”) is to monitor and be advisory to the Dean related to the overall use and allocation of physical space designated for Administrative, Education and Research purposes. Members of the Committee are assigned by the Dean from members of JABSOM’s administration. Current members of the Committee are JABSOM’s:

  • Chief Financial Officer, Director of Administrative and Fiscal Affairs, Director of Facilities Management, Associate Dean for Medical Education, and Director of Research.

The Committee meets monthly: reviews space requests; solicits, hears and/or reviews the physical space concerns from Department/Units; and submits a final space reassignment recommendation to the Dean based on the Department/Unit need.

The Committee monitors the implementation of the Research Space Utilization policy and develops strategic planning processes to optimize space usage for the future.

Space Request/Reassignment Process

A. Request:

If the Requestor is seeking new space that may encroach or is occupied by another Department, Program or Center, the Requestor must first communicate their space needs with the affected Department, Program, Center Chair or Director before submitting their Space Request to the Committee. Mutual consensus on goals and/or specifics of space reassignment between departments is highly encouraged to ensure both Departments, Programs or Center’s needs are discussed and continue to be met after the relocation request has been completed.

A Space Request Form may be submitted by a Center Director, Program Director or Department Chair and must include the following items:

  1. Explanation and Justification for the Space Assignment/Reassignment.
  2. Schematic of the space change with current and proposed assignments highlighted.
  3. Approval of the Request by the Department Chair.
  4. Copy of the Department/Program/Center meeting minutes or relevant Emails noting that the request for space reassignment discussion was communicated to the Department/Program/Center faculty and staff.
  5. If no opposition comments have been submitted to the Committee to review, the Committee will make its recommendation to the Dean.

B. Initial Review & Recommendation

  1. The Space Committee members will review the submitted request ensuring Department Chair approval has been received and the required documentation noting discussions with faculty, staff and adjoining Departments, Programs or Centers is attached to the request.
  2. Departmental Chairs/Unit Directors will be consulted for input in matters involving their assigned space or space in their department/unit but will not be formal members of the Space Committee.
  3. If no opposition comments have been submitted to the Committee to review, the Committee will make its recommendation to the Dean.
  4. Upon the Dean’s approval, the adjoining non-requestor Department, Program or Center Chair/Director that may be affected by the space reassignment approved will receive an email or phone call serving as the Dean’s Office notification of the future physical space reassignment/relocation.
  • Notification for all Medical Education and Leased physical space reassignments will come from the office of the Chief Financial Officer. For all Research physical space reassignments, notification will come from the office of the Research Director.
  • The non-requestor Department/Unit will have two weeks to submit concerns or comments related to the official Dean’s office relocation notification to the Committee. Physical space reassignment concerns or comments submitted directly to the Dean will be redirected to the Committee for review.

C. Comments & Considerations

The Committee will review and respond to all Faculty or Staff physical space reassignment comments and concerns submitted. Departmental Chairs/Unit Directors will be consulted for input in matters involving assigned space in their department/unit.

Responses to concerns will be formed and communicated back to the original space reassignment requestor in addition to updating the Dean.  If a disagreement between faculty and the chairs regarding the effects of the space reassignment occurs, the Dean has final approval for resolution of the space assignment dispute.  Once approved, the process to prepare for relocations will begin.

D. Relocations

Departments/Units receiving approval for relocation must submit a work request to the JABSOM Facilities Management Office and the Office of Information Technology to receive relocation assistance. If the relocation is self-requested, the Department/Unit may bear the entire cost of relocation. If the relocation is desired by two or more Department/Unit parties, the cost will be borne by the parties in proportion to their facility needs. If the relocation was at the request of the Dean, the JABSOM’s Dean’s office will bear the cost of the relocation.

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