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VIDEO: Advice for our new MD Class of 2022 — from the grads of JABSOM 2018

Date: July 16th, 2018 in JABSOM News, Student Life    Print or PDF

JABSOM MD 2018 suits up in surgical gowns and gloves.

Pictured: JABSOM Class of 2018 when they first suited up in surgical gowns and gloves, in 2016. Amanda Shell Photo.

By Deborah Manog Dimaya, UH Med Now

The University of Hawaiʻi (UH) today welcomed 72 MD candidates– the largest single class to date — to the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM). The MD Class of 2022 includes residents from Waiʻanae, ʻEwa Beach, Kalihi and Guam.

We asked members of the newly-graduated MD Class of 2018 to share with the incoming MD Class of 2022 some important lessons learned from their time at JABSOM.

“Work hard, be humble and don’t forget the help that you’ve been given,” said Dr. Leimomi Kanagusuku, of Waiʻanae, who has begun her residency training at the UH Family Medicine Program.

Among the other tidbits of wise counsel for the incoming MD class: stay encouraged through long nights of studying, cherish the lifelong friendships you will make and never forget to thank the people who have been rooting for your success since day one.

In this video, hear the genuine words of advice directed toward JABSOM’s newest medical students:

Watch our video: Advice fr new MDs to incoming medical students

Read the video transcript.

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