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University of Hawaii medical school diversified its nearly $60M research portfolio in 2018, securing research funds from new sponsors

Date: January 4th, 2019 in JABSOM News, Research, Workforce Development    Print or PDF

Zika researcher Albert To is pictured working in the Lehrer lab at JABSOM.

Pictured: Albert To, a Zika Vaccine researcher in the Lehrer lab at JABSOM in December, 2018. Deborah Manog photo.

The JABSOM research portfolio totaled nearly $60 million in FY 2018 ($59,977,063).

By Rachel Boulay, PhD, Office of Associate Dean for Research

In fiscal year 2018, the University of Hawaii (UH) John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) added important new grant sponsors, including funds through sub-awards from 15 unique U.S. colleges and universities, including the University of Arkansas, Wayne State University and Yale University. Two of these (University of Arkansas and Wayne State University) were brand new partners that had not awarded funds to JABSOM during the previous five fiscal years.

U.S. Mainland – Non-Profit Organizations:
Beyond the seven mainland non-profit organizations that financially contributed to JABSOM’s research portfolio, we added funding from three new mainland based non-profit organizations: Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Wistar Institute, and the Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Islands Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation.

U.S. Mainland – Health Organizations:
We continued to receive funding from two partner foundations – American Heart Association and Riverside Research Institute. Their support in FY 2018 grew nearly a quarter million dollars more than the previous fiscal year.

U.S. Mainland – Business and Other:
We received funds from seven mainland business and other entities in FY 2018. Importantly, we added the following three new business partners: Neuraltus Pharmaceuticals Inc, TaiMed Biologics USA Corp, and Telomerase Activation Sciences Inc., which had not partnered with JABSOM during the previous five fiscal years.

While other federal sponsors and local investment by government, businesses, and non-profits in Hawaii substantially contributed to the JABSOM research portfolio which totaled nearly $60 million in FY 2018 ($59,977,063), new financial partners committing to invest health science research based in Hawaii is an important standard for measuring the research success by JABSOM. Collectively these new sponsors added $1.29 million in funds to JABSOM’s research portfolio in FY 2018.

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