Research Interest Group


Research Interest Group (RIG)

The Research Interest Group (RIG) promotes medical student involvement in research at the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM). RIG strives to act as a liaison between clinical faculty, researchers, and JABSOM students. RIG encourages medical students to begin developing a relationship with a JABSOM researcher early in their first year so that they may have an opportunity to make substantial contributions to the research projects prior to the rigorous clinical years of their medical education. RIG aims to serve as a resource to connect students to researchers in a way that is mutually beneficial. The RIG supports many other educational activities related to research; the Translational Research Seminars and Journal Club meetings are two examples.

Students are invited to join RIG during orientation week and at other RIG-organized meetings. Those interested in joining or learning more about may contact the current faculty leaders, Drs. Kenton Kramer and David Horio , or RIG officers . Also, students are encouraged to browse the JABSOM faculty research directory and find a listing of research contacts who they may contact directly.

Point of Contact for Research

Each department or office has designated a point of contact for research. These individuals can best answer questions about on-going research in the department as well as direct you to the right mentor or the best first steps to get involved with on-going research projects. We encourage you to contact them directly.

Point of Contact for ResearchJABSOM Department or Office
Takashi MatsuiDepartment of Anatomy, Biochemistry & Physiology
Peter Hoffmann or Olivier LeSauxDepartment of Cell and Molecular Biology
Henry Lew or Pauline MashimaDepartment of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Lydia RolitaDepartment of Family Medicine and Community Health
Kamal Masaki or Misty YeeDepartment of Geriatric Medicine
Dominic ChowDepartment of Medicine
Marjorie MauDepartment of Native Hawaiian Health
Bliss KaneshiroDepartment of OB-GYN
David Horio Department of Pathology
Bruce Shiramizu Department of Pediatrics
Deb Goebert Department of Psychiatry
John ChenDepartment of Quantitative Health Sciences
Russell Woo Department of Surgery
Kenton Kramer Department of Tropical Medicine
Richard KasuyaOffice of Medical Education
Mariana Gerschenson or Rachel BoulayOffice of the Dean

Click HERE to visit the JABSOM Research Interest Group.

Click HERE to visit the JABSOM Student Research Directory.