JABSOM Research Interest Group


JABSOM Research Interest Group (JRIG)

The John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) Research Interest Group (JRIG) was founded by Tom Sanford (Class of 2010) to promote medical student involvement in research at JABSOM. JRIG strives to act as a liaison between clinical faculty, researchers, and JABSOM students. We encourage medical students to begin developing a relationship with a JABSOM or clinical researcher early in their first year so that they may have an opportunity to make substantial contributions to the research projects prior to the rigorous clinical years of their medical education. We also aim to serve as a resource to connect students to researchers in a way that is mutually beneficial and support many other educational activities related to research (please see below).

Medical students are invited to join JRIG during orientation week and at other JRIG-organized meetings. Those interested in joining or learning more may contact the current faculty leaders, Dr. Russell Woo, Dr. David Horio, Dr. Rachel Boulay, or JRIG officers.


Generally 3 events are planned throughout the year:

  1. Primer to Clinical Research Event – provide a general introduction to the different types of research (retrospective chart review, case reports, systematic reviews, etc.)
  2. Monthly Q&A panels with Hawaii Residency Program Directors – opportunity to meet the residency program directors to better understand what is required for research and how research will factor into candidacy for residency
  3. MS4 Post-Match Research Panel – hear from MS4s who matched into various residency programs speak about their research experience, questions they were asked in residency interviews, how they think research affected their match results, etc.
  4. Journal Club – learn about something new and develop your research critical skills thinking with a resident; in collaboration with the Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG)

In addition, UH Residency and Fellowship Program Director events are scheduled monthly – TBD.


Learn about 4th year medical students who did and did not match in 2022 in Charting Outcomes in the Match:

  • The Match: Senior Students of U.S. MD Medical Schools, Characteristics of U.S. MD Seniors Who Matched to Their Preferred Specialty in the 2022 Main Residency Match, 3rd Edition.

Learn How UH Residency Program Directors View Research

Discover all the ways the JABSOM Health Sciences Library can help you

  • How-To Guides on PubMed, citation managers such as EndNote and Zotero, Colandr for systematic reviews, and more
  • How-To Videos on PubMed simple search, systematic reviews, Endnote basics workshop, and more

Apply for JABSOM Funding for Research

  • Click “Travel Reimbursement for Research Presentations” ($500 travel research funding once every 12 months)
  • Click “Student Publications Fund” ($500 for publication costs once per academic year)

Acquire guidance with statistics by the Biostatistics Core Facility for your research project

  • Sign up for a consultation appointment

Sign up to write a case report in the Case Report Depository

  • Email the attending listed and read the case report guidelines under the regulatory considerations


Edward Nguyen
Edward Nguyen, MS3
Krystin Wong
Krystin Wong, MS2
Benjamin Lee
Benjamin Lee, MS2
Co-Vice President
Kayti Luu
Kayti Luu, MS3
Co-Vice President
ZoeAnn Kon
ZoeAnn Kon, MS2
Edward Weldon
Edward Weldon, MS2
Sarah Bellatti
Sarah Bellatti, MS1
Marissa Miyagi
Marissa Miyagi, MS1
Ryan Nakamura
Ryan Nakamura, MS1