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Graduate Medical Education (GME)

Jerris Hedges, MD, MS, MMM, Dean
GME Mission
To fulfill the intent of the University of Hawai'i, John A. Burns School of Medicine to provide outstanding Graduate Medical Education that produces fully trained specialty* and subspecialty physicians and develops environments within hospitals, clinics, and community settings in which quality patient care, health promotion, and academic excellence are sustained, and thereby advance the health and well-being of the people of Hawai'i.

*Includes the primary care specialties of Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women's Health

Residents' Code of Conduct
First and foremost, I will conduct myself in a manner that coincides with the Hippocratic Oath in commitment to primum non nocere. I recognize that taking care of patients is an honor and privilege. I will approach all patients with cultural sensitivity toward their backgrounds. I will guide my actions with integrity, accountability, selflessness, and honesty. I will abide by principles of medical ethics-nonmaleficence, autonomy, confidentiality, beneficence, informed consent, and conflicts of interest. I will strive to provide the absolute best care to my patients by listening, constantly learning, and asking for assistance when needed. I will approach my work with pride and a positive attitude. Finally, I will be an effective member of the health care team; I will treat my supervisors, colleagues, trainees, and support staff respectfully.

Residency Programs & Participating Sites   

GME Annual Report          
2012-2013 GME Annual Report


Office of the DIO
           Naleen Andrade, MD,
         Professor of Psychiatry,
  Designated Institutional Official

The Office of the DIO is a structure within the Office of the Dean of JABSOM that provides the institutional oversight for GME and is responsible for the effective operations of the Sponsoring Institution's Residency and Fellowship Programs, which includes but is not limited to establishing and maintaining a working relationship with Hawaii Residency Program's (HRP) governing body, management, administrative staff, and Residents. The DIO is the executive head of the ODIO and responsible for its daily operations. In addition to the DIO, the ODIO leadership team is made up of the Deputy DIO(s), Associate Dean of Medical Education, and liaison support provided by HRP.

UH JABSOM Residents and Fellows are welcome to use an anonymous email to submit comments/questions to any member of the GME office or Program leadership. This email account can only be used for sending comments, and NOT for receiving responses or replies.

To access this anonymous account, log in to http://mail.google.com. The user name for the account is "gmehawaii". The password for this account is available on the New Innovations welcome-page (http://www.new-innov.com/pub/).

Other members of the Office of the DIO

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The John A. Burns School of Medicine, as the Sponsoring Institution, follows ACGME Institutional Requirements and ensures that its ACGME-accredited programs are in substantial compliance with the Institutional, Common and specialty-specific Program Requirements and the ACGME Policies and Procedures.

GME Policies and Guidelines

Associate PD Guidelines Closures, Reductions, Disasters of Programs Disability Accommodation
Duty Hours and Moonlighting Educational Leave Eligibility, Promotion and Selection
Evaluation of Residents Harassment Hearing, Grievance, & Administrative Procedures
HIPAA Leaves of Absences Letters of Recommendation Guidelines
Physician Impairment Program Committee Guidelines Resident Resource Program
Residents as Teachers Starting/Closing Programs Guidelines Supervision
Transfer of Resident Transitions of Care Vendor Interactions

Educational Resources

John A. Burns School of Medicine
Health Sciences Library

Link to http://jabsom.hawaii.libguides.com/residents
Educational Links

Simulation Training at JABSOM SimTiki (PDF)

Residents as Teachers  https://sites.google.com/site/jabsomteachingresources/home

Teaching Resources for Faculty  https://sites.google.com/site/jabsomteachingresources/home

Other Educational Modules  https://sites.google.com/site/jabsomteachingresources/home

Residents as Researchers

The John A. Burns School of Medicine provides research support for its GME programs through the Residency Research and Faculty Development Program. The Program is designed to assist Residency Programs according to their needs which may include research design and biostatistics lectures, enhancement of research design, provision of limited biostatistician resources and assistance to faculty in developing research programs.

To utilize this resource, please first discuss with your Program Director.

Points of Contact
Lawrence Burgess, M.D.
Program Coordinator

James Davis, PhD


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