JABSOM Faculty & Staff
Rebecca L. Cann:
Department: Cell and Molecular Biology
Title: Professor
Credentials: PhD
Position: Professor
Contact Info
Email: rcann@hawaii.edu
Phone: (808) 956-5521
Fax: (808) 956-9812
1960 East-West Road
Biomedical Sciences Bldg. T514
Honolulu HI 96822
Webpage: http://www.hawaii.edu/cmb
Bio: I have been interested in how humans have altered their own landscape, as well as that of other species, for my entire professional life as a biologist.
Favorite Reads: Narrow Roads of Gene Land by WD Hamilton and Sheep Look Up by John Brunner.
Education: BS: Genetics UC Berkeley
PhD: Anthropology/Biochemistry UC Berkeley
Postdoctoral Fellowships UCB, HHMI-UCSF
Welcome Trust Advanced Genetic Mapping/Complex Trait Course Alumini
Research Areas: Molecular and evolutionary genetics:
1. Human Molecular Evolution
2. Mitochondrial Genetics, especially genetic conflicts of interest
3. Hawaiian Conservation Biology
4. Avian Malaria, host-parasite coevolution


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