DRB Graduate Program Student Retreat
IBR Conference Room, November 6, 2019
The JABSOM Developmental and Reproductive Biology (DRB) Graduate Program Students 2019 Retreat took place on November 6 at the UH Manoa Institute of Biogenesis Research (IBR). Thirteen students (7 PhD and 6 MS) presented their work. The topics covered various aspects of reproductive and developmental biology, such as stem cells in reproduction, oogenesis, fertilization, assisted reproduction technologies, embryonic and fetal development, placentation and other aspects of pregnancy, transgenesis, behavior, etc. Faculty from the IBR, Anatomy, Biochemistry & Physiology (ABH) and Cell and Molecular Biology departments were in attendance. The meeting was highly successful, with collegial atmosphere and vivid discussions. The students' presentations were top-notch, both in respect to power point presentation quality and its oral delivery.

2019 DRB Retreat Flyer with Presentation Titles and Schedule

Aileen Li studies important roles of glucose in embryo body patterning

Justin Padron investigates oxidative stress in preterm birth

Chantell Balaan explores cavefish as a model to study autism spectrum disorder

Trevor Torigoe investigates genes that may be associated with human logevity

Brent Fujimoto analyzes molecular mechanisms that maintain blood glucose

Nicholas Kawasaki studies how iron is involved in heart muscle death

Cassandra Matsushige aims to grow healthy eggs in a culture dish

Vania Fernandes investigates how blind fish navigates through surrounding environment

Kimberly Lactaeon analyses genetic factors responsible for cavefish behavior

Ryuei Sato aims to develop a new tool for precise gene targetting

Dominique Elento investigates asymmetric cell division to make healthy eggs

Lance Nunes explores a novel technlogy to regulate maternal-fetal interactions

Ludwig Mayerlen applies in vitro evolution to create a novel transgenesis tool

Many students and faculty members are in the audience, enjoying students' presentations

1st year students (Winnie, Lauren and Jackson) are eager to present their research next time

Prize Winners!!

Best Throughout (Advanced Student); sponsored by the JABSOM Dean Dr. Jerris Hedges - Nicholas Kawasaki
Best Throughout (Beginning Student); sponsored by the JABSOM Dean Dr. Jerris Hedges - Cassandra Matsushige
Most Professional; sponsored by the ABP Department Chair Dr. Takashi Matsui - Dominique Elento
Most Engaging; sponsored by the IBR Director Dr. Steve Ward - Brent Fujimoto
Most Insightful; sponsored by the DRB Program Chair Dr. Monika Ward - Ludwig Mayerlen
Junior Pioneer; sponsored by the IBR Professor Emeritus Dr. Ryuzo Yanagimachi - Vania Fernandes