Friends of the Medical School

The Friends of the Medical School organization supports students and their parents, especially during special times like MD Convocation and the MD White Coat Ceremonies. Dr. F. Don Parsa, MD, is the Friends President.

The Friends also have a FACEBOOK page!

Convocation Ceremonies for the Class of 2014

By Mary Ellen Nordyke Grace, Member of the Friends

May 18, 2014 Kennedy Theatre at the East West Center on the UHM campus.

After filing into the hall, the graduates were seated in a block onstage and after the welcome Oli chant by the class they were presented alphabetically one by one, to the full house of family and friends. Each individual was profiled briefly by the master of ceremonies (to great cheers from the gathered throng) and concurrently given a hug and lei by Dean Hedges and a graduate specified significant person in their lives (e.g. parent, grandparent, friend) . It was all very memorable and moving. Dr. Sidney A. McNairy, Jr., Director, Capacity Building Branch, NIGMS, National Institues of Health, gave a heartfelt address to the Class of 2014 and challenged the new graduates to strive for excellence, overcome obstacles, seek solutions through medical research and give back to the community. Lastly, the graduates repeated the Hippocratic Oath, first spoken when they entered JABSOM. Many physicians in the audience stood and reaffirmed their oath along with the graduates. At the close the new Doctors moved outside to meet family and friends. Good wishes and feelings flowed with pride for the new JABSOM Doctors!



Class of 2014