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Faculty “Q and A”: Meet Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul Faringer

Date: July 15th, 2017 in Faculty, JABSOM News    Print or PDF

What is your name and position title?
Paul Faringer, MD FACS
Plastic surgeon, Hawai’i Permanente Medical Group
Clinical assistant professor of Surgery, John Burns School of Medicine 2014-present

What Department are you with?
Plastic Surgery

Describe what you do at JABSOM
I help educate students and residents about the practice of plastic surgery outside of the university system. Our practice is a broad, diversified one which encompasses microvascular surgery, cleft surgery, a wide variety of flaps and grafts for reconstruction as well as cosmetic surgery.

What do you like most about the UH medical school? Or if you are new here, why were you interested in coming to JABSOM?
I love the fact that JABSOM involves the surgeons in the community which gives the students and residents a broader view of the extent of each specialty practice and possibly a different view than a tertiary referral center practice.

How long have you been with the University? What other kinds of work have you done?
I have been on staff for 3 years and with Kaiser for 11 years. I was in private practice and owned my own surgical center prior to moving to O’ahu in 2006. I have a good perspective on the variations between academic, solo private and managed care group practice models having spent over 10 years in each.

What’s your favorite hobby (or two or three!)
Surfing and essentially all outdoor activities

Your favorite spot in Hawai’i is (and why):
North shore (not just good surf but mellow lifestyle, great beaches and healthy food)

Your favorite place outside of Hawai’i is (and why):
Taos, New Mexico (great, uncrowded skiing/snowboarding and incredibly good Mexican food with green chiles)

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