April 25: First Annual Diversity Day at JABSOM


April 25th, 2019

9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Exciting talks on interesting topics as we learn to appreciate the things that make us different. SPONSORED BY: The John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, SEED IDEAS, UH JABSOM Native Hawaiian Center of Excellence, and the JABSOM ʻImi Hoʻōla Post-Baccalaureate Program

An announcement of Diversity Day

9:00 a.m. Kamehameha Kapālama High School visit, Health Career Exploration Activities

REGISTER TO ATTEND THE PANEL SESSION: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/game-changers-for-diversity-plenary-panel-session-diversity-matters-at-jabsom-tickets-60291041127

12:30 p.m. Room 315 (Auditorium) Plenary Panel Session: “Game Changers for Diversity”

Lisa Montes, MD
Dr. Lisa Montes is a practicing pediatrician with the Southern California Kaiser Permanente, South Bay Group who serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Alliance in Mentorship – a nonprofit organization that supports MiMentor. As one of the premier online mentoring programs for aspiring medical students, MiMentor creates an interactive and progressive approach to guiding underrepresented students toward their goal of becoming physicians. Her passion for advocacy began when she created Children of the World, her first mentoring program, while still in high school. Dr. Montes is a clinical Faculty Instructor and Board Member of Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine’s Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Council and serves as Regional Board Advisor for the Latino Medical Student Association-West.

David Sing, PhD
Dr. David Sing is Founder and former Executive Director of N&#257 Pua Noʻeau Center for Gifted and Talented Native Hawaiian Children at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo. Nā Pua Noʻeau has impacted the lives of 16,000 students since its inception in 1989. Dr. Sing’s visionary programs bridge Native Hawaiian culture and values with Western education principles, creating a strengths-based educational model that has influenced the professional paths for many of the state’s prominent educators, health professionals, and community leaders. As Managing Director of Educational Prism LLC, Dr. Sing continues to provide his expertise to those who specialize in Native Hawaiian serving programs.

Dean Hamer, PhD
Dr. Dean Hamer is a scientist, author, filmmaker and longtime diversity advocate. His research on the role of genetics in sexual orientation, carried out at the National Institutes of Health and described in his New York Times book of the year, The Science of Desire, changed the discourse on the nature versus nurture question, and was instrumental in the abolition of so-called reparative therapy. He and partner Joe Wilson formed Qwaves to create films that emanate from the voices of those on the outside, inspire creativity, and incite audiences to abandon a comfortable role as spectators and compel them to question and to act. His most recent films, Kumu Hina and A Place in the Middle, bring Polynesia’s inclusive approach to gender diversity to the fore.

5:00 p.m. (Auditorium Room 315) Free film screening & Cast Member “Q & A”. “RISE OF THE WAHINE: CHAMPIONS OF TITLE IX”


REGISTER TO ATTEND THE FILM: https://riseofthewahine-diversitymatters2019-jabsom.eventbrite.com/

Rise of the Wahine: Champions of Title IX is an edge of your seat David vs. Goliath tale of how culture is transformed and how to rise above the challenges in your life and bring an end to the injustice in the world around you. It reveals how, in the years following the Civil Rights movement, a headstrong African-American female coach, Donnis Thompson and the first Asian-American U.S. Congresswoman, Patsy Mink with the team captain of a rag-tag female volleyball team, battled discrimination from the halls of Washington D.C. to the volleyball courts of the University of Hawaiʻi – fighting for the rights of young women to play collegiate sports.

Cast Member Panelists include: Former University of Hawaiʻi Women’s Volleyball Head Coach Dave Shoji, Former Women’s Volleyball Team member, Beth McLachlin and UHM Civil Rights Counselor, Jill Nunokawa. The panel will be moderated by Yunji de Nies, former KITV anchor.