MD Student Resources

Medical student support and services are here to provide current and prospect students with information about courses, admissions and registration, academic policies and procedures, financial aid and more!


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 Learning Enrichment

  • Administers, interprets, & analyzes learning assessments
  • Creates individualized education plans based on the results of the learning assessments
  • Assists with and addresses skills development and learning issues and concerns
  • Assists with preparation for USMLE Step exams
  • Assists with the monitoring of student academic progress

Scholarships & Financial Aid

  • Provides information & resources for scholarships & financial aid
  • Provides debt management counseling
  • For more information, please visit the Financial Aid & Scholarships page

Record Keeping

  • Collects & manages student records from point of entry to graduation
  • Student performance evaluations
  • Enrollment management

Career Advising

  • Guides students in the career exploration process
  • Provides a directory of specialty career advisors

Admissions & Registrar Services

  • Processes & screens applications
  • Maintains contact & correspondence with prospective
  • Oversees student records
  • Maintains & updates database of student information
  • Verifies student enrollment and graduation information


  • Registers students for courses, clerkships, & electives
  • Informs students of tuition costs & payment deadlines
  • Assists students with scheduling

Residency Applications

  • Provides information & support for residency applications

Student Well-Being & Support

  • Provides support for overall well-being of students
  • Refers students to appropriate resources when necessary

Counseling (academic & personal)

  • Assists students in resolving academic & personal concerns & issues
  • Refer students JABSOM or community resources when appropriate

JABSOM Mentoring Program (JMP)

  • Provides academic advising & academic & social support
  • Creates mentoring relationships via a “pod system” with students at all levels of their medical education and Faculty Mentors from point of matriculation through graduation

Student Resources:
Student Well-Being Handbook
JABSOM Medical Student Resource Guide
What to Do for Exposure to Blood/Body Fluids
Emergency Management Guidelines
Medical Student Mistreatment Guidelines & Procedures
Anonymous Online Report of Student Mistreatment
JABSOM Essential Functions Policy
Assessment of Medical Student Performance Policy
Academic Appeals Policy
JABSOM Financial Aid & Scholarship Information Sheet

Forms for current JABSOM students’ use only:
(Submit all completed forms via the OSA/OME drop box in the student mailroom.)
Appropriate Uses of Protected Health Information for Educational Purposes
Add/Cancel Senior Electives Form
Student Research Presentation Fund Request
Medical Rotation Financial Aid Form
Non-Credit Approval Form
Out-of-State Elective Form
PBL Elective Form
Reimbursement Request Form
Request for Enrollment Verification/Letter of Recommendation/Letter of Good Standing


Helen Longao
Phone: 808-692-1002

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Student Well Being Handbook   See pages 60-62, of “Paying for Medical School” for additional resources.

Financial Aid Counseling
JABSOM has a full time Financial Aid Counselor to serve you in the Office of Student Affairs. Your questions about student loans, budgeting, repayment, etc should be brought whenever you would like some help. Workshops are held throughout the year to address important “financial well-being” topics, so please attend!! Look for the scheduled workshop in e-mail announcements, JABSOM calendar, or call OSA about the schedule.

Complete the FAFSA
Financial aid applications are managed through the Financial Aid Services office for the Mānoa Campus. The “Free Application for Federal Student Aid” (FAFSA) must be completed on-line at The priority deadline is February 1 in order for medical students to receive aid by the tuition payment deadline.

  • JABSOM strongly encourages all students to complete and submit the FAFSA applications as soon as it is available on October 1 to be eligible for as much aid as possible. Applications received after February 1 will be processed in chronological order along with the regular campus applications. The time/date of filing IS used for prioritizing some awards, so the sooner completed, the better.

Medical Student Budgets
The Office of Student Affairs works closely with the Financial Aid Services office to assure that special budget items such as equipment, travel to and from hospitals, etc., are up to date and included in the academic year budget.  Medical student budgets are available in the Office of Student Affairs to aid you in calculating your needs. Just remember that the semester disbursements must last the entire semester, until the next disbursement, so your personal budgeting is very important!

Budgeting Resources
For useful on-line resources related to budgeting and financial needs of medical students, see:


  • Financial aid and Grants and Scholarship information is available through the Office of Student Affairs.
  • The Office of Student Affairs also helps administer or facilitate a number of scholarships designated primarily for medical students. A large number of scholarships specify financial need and require that a FAFSA be filed. Questions should be directed to the Financial Counselor, Office of Student Affairs.
  • There are, in addition, a limited number of service and need-based partial tuition awards. Applications will be solicited by the Office of Student Affairs.

Financial Obligations

  • Students may be denied registration and transcript services due to not paying UH parking, traffic or library fines, or not meeting short-term loan obligations, etc.
  • Non-payment of tuition will result in cancellation of registration, so if you have difficulty in this area, consult with Director of OSA or the Financial Aid Counselor ASAP.

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(For more information, please contact Office of Student Affairs.)

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