Administration (GME)

  Lee Buenconsejo-Lum, MD, FAAFP
        Professor of Family Medicine
               & Community Health
Designated Institutional Official (DIO)
Office of the DIO

The Office of the DIO is a structure within the Office of the Dean of JABSOM that provides the institutional oversight for GME and is responsible for the effective operations of the Sponsoring Institution’s Residency and Fellowship Programs, which includes but is not limited to establishing and maintaining a working relationship with Hawaiʻi Residency Program’s (HRP) governing body, management, administrative staff, and Residents. The DIO is the executive head of the ODIO and responsible for its daily operations. In addition to the DIO, the ODIO leadership is made up of the Deputy DIO, Associate Dean for Medical Education, and liaison support provided by HRP.

UH JABSOM Residents and Fellows are welcome to use an anonymous email to submit comments/questions to any member of the GME office or Program leadership. This email account can only be used for sending comments, and NOT for receiving responses or replies.

GME Anonymous Email.  To access this anonymous account, log in to The user name for the account is “gmehawaii”. The password for this account is available on the New Innovations welcome-page ( This email should NOT contain any confidential patient information, nor should it be used for any such purpose related to patient information.
Other members of the Office of the DIO
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