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Whether you are an incoming, first year medical student or a continuing medical student, we are here to assist you with obtaining funding for which you are eligible and provide you with information to pursue your dream of becoming a doctor. In addition, we are here to provide financial aid and debt management counseling and to provide appropriate financial literacy resources to assist you while in school and as you prepare to transition into residency. We sincerely hope the services and financial assistance offered will help you to achieve your educational goals.

What You Need To Know…

Applying for Financial Aid & Scholarships – The first step to applying for financial aid and scholarships is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at When applying for scholarships, some will require that you complete the FAFSA. Most scholarships will require a separate application and have specific deadlines. JABSOM Scholarships and other external scholarship opportunities are announced via email to each student’s university email address (“”) and posted on the Financial Aid & Scholarships webpage. You can also find scholarship announcements posted on the bulletin boards on the 3rd Floor of the Medical Education Building.

Check your Financial Aid status through your MyUH Portal – To view your financial aid status; including any outstanding requirements, your financial aid award, scholarships and any active messages, log into your MyUH Portal. Make sure to check your status to insure that all of your requirements have been satisfied and that nothing is outstanding. In addition, you also need to ensure that you have made a decision regarding your financial aid offers by indicating either ACCEPT or DECLINE through the “Award Status” tab. Don’t forget to view your messages from the Financial Aid Office and take immediate action as advised.

Are you receiving any external scholarships or resources? Great! However, you need to inform our office of any resources (e.g. stipends, tuition waivers, etc.) as this may impact your financial aid award. Submit a copy of your scholarship letter or let us know in writing or by email if you are receiving any tuition waivers or stipends as well. We want to ensure that all aid and resources you are receiving are accounted for and that we can be proactive should adjustments to your financial aid award need to occur.

Disbursement and Refunds – Financial aid disbursements normally occur no sooner than 10 days prior to the start of the semester. Scholarship disbursements vary.

Refunds are processed after funds are disbursed to your student account and will be mailed to you in approximately 2 weeks from the time your aid is applied to your tuition and fees for the semester.

You may opt to sign up for the direct deposit option called “eRefund” through your MyUH Portal. This is a free service provided by the UH System that allows your refund to be directly deposited into your personal bank account within approximately 4-5 business days from the time your aid is applied to your UH student account. All you need is a valid savings or checking account with a bank or financial institution.

Are you an incoming, First-Year medical student? – Then you’re at the right place for information regarding financial aid and scholarships at JABSOM! We highly encourage you to review the following documents to familiarize yourself with JABSOM’s financial aid and scholarship programs, and utilize the helpful resources.

  1. JABSOM Financial Planning List
  2. JABSOM Financial Aid & Scholarship Info Sheet
  3. Viewing your Financial Aid through MyUH
  4. JABSOM Service Commitment Scholarship List
  5. Health Insurance Reimbursement for Financial Aid Recipients

Contact & Other Information…

For financial aid, scholarship, debt management and financing questions or assistance, please contact:

Helen Longao
Scholarship Director & Financial Aid Counselor
Phone: (808) 692-1002


2019-2020 JABSOM Cost of Attendance (Student Budget)

2018-2019 JABSOM Cost of Attendance (Student Budget)

Health Insurance Reimbursement for Financial Aid Recipients
JABSOM Financial Planning List
JABSOM Financial Aid & Scholarship Information Sheet
Viewing your Financial Aid through MyUH
Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)
University of Hawaii Tuition Schedule
Financial Aid Guide for Military Service Members


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