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Date: February 21st, 2019 in JABSOM News

Pictured: Courtesy UH West Oahu Banana Flower Salad By Tina Shelton, JABSOM Communications Director University of Hawaii (UH) researchers seeking to prove whether getting a community involved in preventing Type 2 diabetes can reduce the risk for the disease is off to a promising start. The scientists monitored health data from 392 people all over […]

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Date: February 20th, 2019 in JABSOM News

Pictured: Researchers with the UH Center for Diabetes Research, left to right: Takashi Matsui, MD, PhD; Rachel Boulay, PhD; Ralph Shohet, MD; Marjorie Mau, MD; Mariana Gerschenson, PhD; Olivier LeSaux, PhD; Viola Pomozi, PhD; Michael Corley, PhD; Noemi Polgar, PhD; Alexander Stokes, PhD. REQUEST FOR APPLICATION: Announcement from the Diabetes Center for Biomedical Research Excellence […]

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Date: February 14th, 2019 in Alumni News, JABSOM News, Rural

Pictured: Dr. Hancock on Piig Island in Yap State surrounded by children he served as a family physician, 2007. Born and raised on Hawaiʻi Island, this 2003 University of Hawaiʻi medical school graduate credits “PBL” with helping him track down medical mysteries. By Tina Shelton, JABSOM Communications Director When the first patient came in complaining […]

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Date: February 14th, 2019 in Community Outreach, Faculty, IN THE NEWS, JABSOM News

Pictured: An injection, like those given in a flu vaccination. With a couple of new cases of Rat Lungworm Disease on Hawai’i Island and February the month the flu typically roars like a lion throughout our State, Dr. Vernon Ansdell of Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology and Pharmacology at the University of Hawaiʻi John A. Burns […]

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Date: February 12th, 2019 in JABSOM News

Dr. Robert Gaynes, Infectious Disease Specialist. Tina Shelton photo. ByTina Shelton, JABSOM Communications Director The measles crisis in the Pacific Northwest is current — but it is not new. Unwarranted fear of lifesaving vaccines has been around as long as vaccines have, we were reminded today in a lecture by Emory University professor and infectious […]

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Date: February 11th, 2019 in JABSOM News, Research

Pictured: When Dr. Miller flashed a shaka, it brought smiles to those posing with her during a break in the workshop. Tina Shelton photo. The University of Hawaiʻi Department of Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology and Pharmacology hosted a leading medical scientist from Boston University this week in a day-long Medical Mycology workshop at the Sullivan […]

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